1969 Personnel

Some of the 35 Squadron Personnel on arrival in Cyprus [MAHC]
Thanks to Cyprus Years Group for providing names]

Back Row: Mike O’Leary
Centre Standing (L-R): Chris Edwards; Rick Wood; Colin Barnes; Bob Sinclair; Dave Loveridge; Norman Tench; Chris Henderson; Les Leeder; Red Skelton; Mike Saunders; Pete Stannard; Charles Gilbert; Terry Nicholls; Frank Redmond; Pete Jeffers; Dave Dinmore; Woody Fulena; Fred Collinson; Roger Frampton; Dave Moore
Front Row (L-R): Mike Hutchins; Frank Hilton (Man in Bush); Bob Forrester; Paddy Roche; Tony Carver; Al Turner; Garth Wensley; Colin Bullock; Vic Bussereau


Squadron Command

Commanding Officer:Wing Commander HS Carver MVO
02/09/1969: Handed over to Wing Commander RK Hepburn


No. of Commissioned Officers (Air Crew):Varied between 50 and 56 (10 constituted crews)
No. of Non Commissioned Other Ranks (Ground)1

The following are known to have been on strength of (or attached to) the squadron in 1969:

Commissioned Officers (Air Crew)

  • Pilot
    • HS Carver
    • C Cowie
    • B Dorrington
    • GLS Dyer
    • RAW Frampton
    • LB Leeder
    • DJ Loveridge
    • CFS Redmond
    • PP Rolfe
    • LDA Russell
    • MG Saunders
    • J Stanley
    • Norman Richard Tench
    • RR Wood
  • Co-Pilot
    • JA Bayliss
    • [-] Cross
    • E Dale
    • GH Delmege
    • DJ Dennis
    • D Dinmore
    • RJ Duncan
    • CM Edwards
    • TF Hilton
    • MB Hutchins
    • Peter Jeffers
    • PD Rice
    • PW Stannard
    • RD Thomas
  • Nav (Plotter)
    • DA Barnes
    • VRD Bussereau
    • WD Butterworth
    • RA Forrester
    • C Gilbert
    • CJ Henderson
    • RK Hepburn
    • JAW Laurenson
    • DR Major
    • DJ Milne
    • TW Nichols
    • RE Sinclair
    • DH Skelton
    • AJ Turner
  • Nav (Radar)
    • F Collinson
    • PN Fulena
    • Frank Henry Lee
    • David Henry Moore
    • P Morgan
    • IA Rhodes
    • DL Rogers
    • JS Walker
    • G Wensley
    • DM Wilson
  • AEO
    • C Barnes
    • C Bullock
    • NG Hardinge
    • RJ Kemmett
    • H Mackie
    • ER Norris
    • MJ O’Leary
    • J Power
    • PJ Roche
    • JM Shackleton
    • Eric Winter
    • R Yates

Commissioned Officers (Ground) and Non Commissioned Other Ranks (Ground)

No. 35 Squadron’s record book contains little or no information regarding Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Other Ranks who provided ground support to the squadron’s air operations;. However, a few listings can be found (eg on squadron movement orders).

As all engineering work was carried out by personnel on strength of the station, the only personnel on strength of the squadron during the year were:

  • Personnel (undertaking squadron specific technical and administrative duties)

More details on roles etc can be found on the following page:

– Ground Personnel 1969 to 1974 –

Photo Gallery

October 1969.JPG

October 1969 RAF Akrotiri [Courtesy of Geoff Dyer]

Back Row: Wilson, O’Leary, Barnes, Thomas, Sinclair, Bussereau, Stannard, Henderson, Rice, Hilton, Wensley, Rhodes, Milne, Walker, Bayliss, Turner, Frampton, Edwards, Hutchins, Dennis
Middle Row: Admin Sgt, Moore, Rogers, Dinmore, Nichols, Yates, Collinson, Jeffers, Mackie, Kemmett, Dale, Roche, Morgan, Dyer, Shackleton
Front Row: Wood, Cowey, Tench, Lee, Dorrington, Rolfe, Skelton, Gilbert, Hepburn, Leeder, Loveridge, Power, Hardinge, Major, Forrester, Norris, Duncan
Absent: Redmond, Butterworth, Fulena, Bullock