Paintings and Models

The following are known paintings and models of squadron aircraft


This painting by John Larder, was auctioned off at a squadron event in 1979 ….. it would be interesting to know (a) if anyone knows what became of it or (b) if anyone has the details about the sortie that it is depicting

“Time to go. Good luck everybody!” by IG Taylor 1995, depicting Halifax HX270 on its last flight

[With kind permission of Ian Taylor / Herbert Dartnall]

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“Target Bombed, Set Course Home” by a POW (probably TJ Profit), depicting the loss of Halifax HR793

This picture was painted in 1944 by a prisoner of war for BT Royall who kept this painting with him for the duration of the war and then carried it all the way back to England (and then Australia) after wars end.

[Courtesy of Peter Royall]

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Handley Page Halifax W1048 by Chris Golds

Image not available

Handley Page Halifax W1048 by Robert Taylor

Image not available


Model to commemorate the loss of W1050 (Built by John Wilson)

[Built by John Wilson)

John explains the story behind the construction of this model – read more –

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A model of a Halifax, built using WWII perspex by Ron Gayner (who was a Squadron photographer)

[Courtesy of Dick Gayner]

A 42″ span electric Lancaster TL-C (one of the aircraft flown by No. 35 Squadron on Operation Lancaster [Goodwill Tour of USA]) in 1946

[Courtesy of Barry Martin]