35 Squadron Group Image
[Courtesy of Colin Stonebridge]
[Courtesy of Jonathon Walters]

Cartoons / Drawings

Commemorative Covers

Clothing / Equipment

[Courtesy of Ian Nelson]

Mugs / Tankards / Lighters


[Original Source: Not known]

[Courtesy of Phil Furner]

Stone Carving

Squadron Badge carved into a wall in the flight line control hut in the detachment area at RAF Luqa in the 1970’s by an unknown technician. It is understood that it was dug out of the wall and brought back to Scampton, but its current whereabouts is unknown.

Flamingo Magazine

Whilst the squadron was stationed in Cyprus, it had its own page (Pegasus Page) in the Flamingo Magazine.

Tthe name of the author “Bellepheron” is the name of a hero in Greek mythology who rode a white Pegasus.