Battle Honours

Battle Honours are awarded to commemorate a squadron’s role in a particular operation. A maximum of 8 of these honours can be emblazoned on a squadron’s standard.

The following provides a list of No. 35 Squadron’s Battle Honours; those shown in bold are the ones included on its standard.

  • Western Front, 1917-18 (Operations in support of Allied Armies in Belgium and France)
  •  Arras
  •  Lys
  • Ypres, 1917
  • Cambrai, 1917
  • Somme, 1918
  • Amiens
  • Biscay Ports, 1941-43 (Operations over the Bay of Biscay ports from the fall of France to VE Day)
  • Fortress Europe, 1941-44 (Operations by aircraft based in the British Isles against targets in Germany, Italy and enemy-occupied Europe, from the fall of France to the invasion of Normandy)
  • German Ports, 1943 (Bombardment of the German ports by aircraft of Bomber and Coastal Commands)
  • Ruhr, 1943-45 (Bombardment of the Ruhr Area by aircraft of Bomber Command)
  • Normandy, 1944 (Operations supporting the Allied landings in Normandy, the establishment of the lodgement area and the subsequent breakthrough (June to August 1944))
  • Baltic, 1944 (Operations over the Baltic and its approach by squadrons of Bomber and Coastal Commands from the outbreak of war to VE Day)
  • France & Germany, 1944-45 (Operations over France, Belgium, Holland and Germany during the liberation of north-west Europe and the advance into the enemy’s homeland, from the initiation of air action preparatory to the invasion of France to VE Day (April 1944 to 8th May 1945))
  • Walcheren (Operations in support of the capture of the island of Walcheren (3rd October to 9th November 1944))

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