Multiple (IBCC)

  • Memorial to: Individual airmen
  • Memorial Location: International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Hill, Lincoln
  • Installation Date: 2018

Walls of Names

The Walls of Names contain the names of all airmen who lost their lives whilst serving with Bomber Command during WWII, including those that served with No. 35 Squadron

Lancaster ME334 loss (4th February 1945)

Ribbon of Remembrance

In addition, the Ribbon of Remembrance, which connects the Chadwick Centre with the Memorial Spire, contains paving stones dedicated to individual airmen or crews who served with Bomber Command.

The following shows the stones dedicated to No. 35 Squadron airmen (as at May 2019)

R Boone

CA Butler

ME334 and Butler.jpg

FW Edmondson

Edmondson [Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

[Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

JA Forde

R White

FJ Williams

FJ Williams.jpg

R Yates

Multiple (Tirpitz Attack [Faettenfjord])

  • Memorial to: Allied airmen who lost their lives in the attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1942.
  • Memorial Location: At the head of Faettenfjord, Norway
  • Installation Date: 1985

[Courtesy of Linzee Duncan]

In 1985, a memorial was erected at the head of Faettenfjord in memory of the allied airmen (including those from No. 35 Squadron) who lost their lives in the attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1942.

The top is constructed from one of the spherical naval mines used during the attack and anchor chain from Tirpitz.

Multiple (Norwegian Airmen [Oslo])

  • Memorial to: Norwegian airmen that served and lost their lives with Bomber Command and Coastal Command
  • Memorial Location: Akershus Festning (Oslo)
  • Installation Date: –

The memorial commemorates four Norwegians who served with No. 35 Squadron:

  • O Flaaten
  • F Haagensen
  • SJ Hausvik
  • G Hoverstad


  1. Research has shown that the memorial shows the names of all airmen, irrespective of whether they have a known grave or not 
  2. A summary and photograph of each airman can be found by entering their name in:
  3. Thanks to Linzee and Morten for their help in researching this matter.

Pettit (CH) (Graveley)

  • Memorial to: CH Pettit and to all who served with the Path Finder Force at RAF Graveley 1942 – 1945
  • Memorial Location: St Botolph Church, Setchell Close, Graveley
  • Installation Date: 8th June 1980
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[Courtesy of the IBCC Memorial Project]

On 8th June 1980, there was a service held at St Botolph Church, Setchell Close, Graveley for the dedication of a plaque to commemorate CH Pettit DFC and the Pathfinder Force.

Pettit Unveiling.jpg

Photograph from the unveiling ceremony [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

Multiple (Commemorative Features [Canada])

McCubbin Lake

Whilst researching airmen that lost their lives in his local area in Germany, Marcel Lesaar discovered that Canadian natural features (such as lakes, islands, peninsulas and bays) have been named after World War II casualties.

Having completed the relevant application forms he applied for a feature in Ontario to be named after FC McCubbin, who served and lost his life with the squadron in 1943 [Halifax HR876]

In December 2017, the Ontario Geographic Names Board advised him that a lake has now been named McCubbin Lake.

Other Features

Subsequent research by Marcel has established that features have also been named after the following squadron personnel:


  • Miller Lake, Northwest of Wathaman Lake 57°11’N 104°15’W (named after Joseph MacTavish Miller [Lancaster NE175])
  • Steinhauer Lake, North of Black Lake 59°20’N 105° 21’W (named after George Henry Steinhauer [Halifax W1015] )
  • Ferguson Point, on the north shore of Lac la Ronge 55°16’N 104°49’W (named after John Hugh Ferguson [Lancaster ND643])
  • Harrison Bay, Charlebois Lake 59°28’01”N 104°43’02”W (named after John Wilfred Harrison [Halifax HR985])


  • Andrews Island, Walker Lake 54°44’29”N 96°56’15”W  (named after James Wesley Andrews [Halifax BB361])
  • Berry Peninsula, Mishepowistik Lake 54°05’23”N 96°58’13”W (named after Wallace Llewellyn Berry [Halifax L9500)
  • Clarence Evans Bay, Halfway Lake 55°02’08”N 98°26’11”W (named after Clarence Ernest Evans [Halifax W1147)

British Columbia

  • Mount Martyn, Alouette Lake 49°24’18”N, 122°24’06”W (named after John Reid Martyn [Halifax W7873])