PB366 Kenyon Crew (Great Paxton)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Lancaster PB366 (24/12/1944)
  • Memorial Location: Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton
  • Installation Date: Yet to be advised
  • Loss Details: – Read More –

(December 2020)

The Great Paxton History Society is in the process of obtaining planning permission to erect a memorial in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton, to remember the crew of Lancaster PB366, which crashed in Great Paxton on Christmas Eve 1944. This will replace the current memorial to the crew

The current memorial to the crew (2021)
[Courtesy of Graham James]

W7657 Marks Crew (Blesme)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Halifax W7657
  • Location: Blesme, France
  • Installation Date: 19th September 1992
  • Loss details: – Read More –

[Source: aerosteles.net]


Booklet produced for the unveiling ceremony

Thanks to Roger Bedford for providing me with a copy of the twenty-one page booklet that was produced for the unveiling ceremony

Extracts from the booklet [Courtesy of Roger Bedford]


  1. Monsieur Robert Boulonne saw the aircraft crash when he was a teenager. When he was Monsieur Le Maire of Blesme, he arranged for the roadside memorial to be commissioned and installed. 

HR851 Pexton Crew (Watton)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Halifax HR851 (29th July 1943)
  • Memorial Location: St. Mary’s Church, Watton, East Yorkshire
  • Installation Date: 8th September 1946
  • Loss Details: – Read More –

[Courtesy of IBCC Memorial Project]

The Dedication Ceremony

Dedication Ceremony [Courtesy of Kevin Gummer]

Newspaper Cutting

Watton Newspaper Cutting [Courtesy of Kevin Gummer].JPG
[Courtesy of Kevin Gummer]