PB366 Kenyon Crew (Great Paxton)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Lancaster PB366 (24/12/1944)
  • Memorial Location: Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton
  • Installation Date: Yet to be advised
  • Loss Details: – Read More –

(December 2020)

The Great Paxton History Society is in the process of obtaining planning permission to erect a memorial in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton, to remember the crew of Lancaster PB366, which crashed in Great Paxton on Christmas Eve 1944. This will replace the current memorial to the crew

The current memorial to the crew (2021)
[Courtesy of Graham James]

No. 35 Squadron Memorial Stone (IBCC)

  • Memorial to: All who served with No. 35 Squadron
  • Memorial Location: Ribbon of Remembrance, International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln
  • Installation Date: 14th May 2019



Unveiling Ceremony

35 Squadron Memorial Stone Unveiling


Special thanks to the following individuals who contributed towards the cost of the stone:

  • Laura Ashworth
  • Vic & Carole Bussereau
  • David & Voirrey Butterworth
  • Barry & Gill Chalkley
  • Andy Cousens
  • Ewart Dale
  • David & Lorna Dinmore
  • Bob Duncan
  • Geoff & Gillian Dyer
  • Janet Edwards
  • Peter Elliot
  • Andy Foster
  • Roger & Mo Frampton
  • Woody Fulena
  • Bas Gowling
  • Chris & Sherelle Henderson
  • Yvonne Hepburn
  • Frank & Jan Hilton
  • John Hughes
  • Stephanie Lawton
  • Poosie Loveridge
  • Graham & Susie McKay
  • Jim Milne
  • Ian Nelson
  • Trishia & John Patrick
  • Sara & Pete Rice
  • Sandy & Marianne Semple
  • Bob & Hilary Sinclair
  • Rog Smith
  • Pete & Kate Stannard
  • Brenda Taylor
  • Jenny Tench
  • Pete Tresadern
  • Jim Walker
  • Ken Watson
  • Garth & Annie Wensley
  • Lynn Wilman
  • Bobby Wood
  • Dick and Daphne Yates

Multiple (IBCC)

  • Memorial to: Individual airmen
  • Memorial Location: International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Hill, Lincoln
  • Installation Date: 2018

Walls of Names

The Walls of Names contain the names of all airmen who lost their lives whilst serving with Bomber Command during WWII, including those that served with No. 35 Squadron

Lancaster ME334 loss (4th February 1945)

Ribbon of Remembrance

In addition, the Ribbon of Remembrance, which connects the Chadwick Centre with the Memorial Spire, contains paving stones dedicated to individual airmen or crews who served with Bomber Command.

The following shows the stones dedicated to No. 35 Squadron airmen (as at May 2019)

R Boone

CA Butler

ME334 and Butler.jpg

FW Edmondson

Edmondson [Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

[Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

JA Forde

R White

FJ Williams

FJ Williams.jpg

R Yates

RAF Graveley (Diddington)

  • Memorial to: Airfields operating around Diddington (including Graveley)
  • Memorial Location: Church of St Lawrence, Diddington, Cambridgeshire
  • Installation Date: Not Known

[Courtesy of IBCC Memorial Database Project]

An interesting memorial, commemorating the squadrons and airfields operating in the area around Diddington, Cambridgeshire.

In January 2019, David Dodman provided this information regarding its history:

“It was originally painted by an inmate of Littlehey Prison and they gave it to the Priory Centre, St Neots. When the centre was being refurbished about ten years ago, the Mayor saved the painting and gave it to me. As I was on the Diddington Village Hall Committee, I loaned it to the Hall where it hung for several years. When I stepped down from the Committee, the PCC agreed that it could be hung in the Church at Diddington, as this was close to Diddington Park.

I have also gifted to Diddington Church all my historical documents relating to the village, its involvement in World War II and the repatriation of the Polish people who were unable to return to their homes after the war ended. This history is now in the Church for all to come in and look at if they wish. The Church is open 24 hours per day and the public are very welcome to come in whenever they like. The History display is situated in the North Aisle and we keep tables and chairs close by to make life easy for those coming in”.

W7657 Marks Crew (Blesme)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Halifax W7657
  • Location: Blesme, France
  • Installation Date: 19th September 1992
  • Loss details: – Read More –

[Source: aerosteles.net]


Booklet produced for the unveiling ceremony

Thanks to Roger Bedford for providing me with a copy of the twenty-one page booklet that was produced for the unveiling ceremony

Extracts from the booklet [Courtesy of Roger Bedford]


  1. Monsieur Robert Boulonne saw the aircraft crash when he was a teenager. When he was Monsieur Le Maire of Blesme, he arranged for the roadside memorial to be commissioned and installed. 

HR851 Pexton Crew (Watton)

  • Memorial to: Crew of Halifax HR851 (29th July 1943)
  • Memorial Location: St. Mary’s Church, Watton, East Yorkshire
  • Installation Date: 8th September 1946
  • Loss Details: – Read More –

[Courtesy of IBCC Memorial Project]

The Dedication Ceremony

Dedication Ceremony [Courtesy of Kevin Gummer]

Newspaper Cutting

Watton Newspaper Cutting [Courtesy of Kevin Gummer].JPG
[Courtesy of Kevin Gummer]

No. 35 Squadron (Tandridge)

  • Memorial to: No. 35 Squadron
  • Memorial Location: Parish Church of Saint John the Evangelist, St Johns Road, Blindley Heath, Tandridge, Surrey.
  • Installation Date: –

[Courtesy of Peter O’Connell]

This stained glass window is in the Parish Church of Saint John the Evangelist, St Johns Road, Blindley Heath, Tandridge, Surrey.

It depicts Christ sowing seeds, with a No. 35 Squadron badge in the bottom right hand corner and a very small aircraft (with a contrail) in the top left hand corner.

In a history of the church, written for the 150th anniversary (1992), it states “John Jupp and his family, are remembered by the recent gift of a stained glass window in the side Chapel, from John’s son Billy. This colourful window attracts attention because of the inclusion of Billy Jupp’s (WWII, RAF) squadron insignia, XXXV Sqn. As an aircraftsman, Billy was one of the maintenance team for the aircraft of Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, VC. Cheshire’s aeroplane, which can just be seen in the top section of the window, with its vapour trails.”

Further research is being done to try to establish the trade of WE Jupp and whether he appears in the following photograph of Leonard Cheshire with his crew and ground crew.

No. 8 Group Memorial (National Memorial Arboretum)

  • Memorial to: No. 8 (Path Finder Force) Group
  • Memorial Location: National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire
  • Installation Date: 6th July 2020

The project, which aimed to provide a permanent memorial to No. 8 Group, was started by the Wyton Heritage Centre in 2014. It was unveiled at the PFF Reunion at RAF Wyton (August 2017), 75 years after No.8 Group was formed.

Multiple (Tirpitz Attack [Faettenfjord])

  • Memorial to: Allied airmen who lost their lives in the attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1942.
  • Memorial Location: At the head of Faettenfjord, Norway
  • Installation Date: 1985

[Courtesy of Linzee Duncan]

In 1985, a memorial was erected at the head of Faettenfjord in memory of the allied airmen (including those from No. 35 Squadron) who lost their lives in the attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1942.

The top is constructed from one of the spherical naval mines used during the attack and anchor chain from Tirpitz.

Multiple (Norwegian Airmen [Oslo])

  • Memorial to: Norwegian airmen that served and lost their lives with Bomber Command and Coastal Command
  • Memorial Location: Akershus Festning (Oslo)
  • Installation Date: –

The memorial commemorates four Norwegians who served with No. 35 Squadron:

  • O Flaaten
  • F Haagensen
  • SJ Hausvik
  • G Hoverstad


  1. Research has shown that the memorial shows the names of all airmen, irrespective of whether they have a known grave or not 
  2. A summary and photograph of each airman can be found by entering their name in: https://www.vg.no/spesial/2015/vaare_falne/
  3. Thanks to Linzee and Morten for their help in researching this matter.

Pettit (CH) (Graveley)

  • Memorial to: CH Pettit and to all who served with the Path Finder Force at RAF Graveley 1942 – 1945
  • Memorial Location: St Botolph Church, Setchell Close, Graveley
  • Installation Date: 8th June 1980
  • – Read More –

[Courtesy of the IBCC Memorial Project]

On 8th June 1980, there was a service held at St Botolph Church, Setchell Close, Graveley for the dedication of a plaque to commemorate CH Pettit DFC and the Pathfinder Force.

Pettit Unveiling.jpg

Photograph from the unveiling ceremony [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

No. 35 Squadron (National Memorial Arboretum)

  • Memorial to: No. 35 Squadron
  • Memorial Location: National Memorial Arboretum, near Lichfield, Staffordshire
  • Installation Date: 12th September 2002

In 2002, the 35 / 635 Squadron Association started out on what turned out to be their last project, which was to plant memorial  trees to commemorate the two squadrons at the National Memorial Arboretum, near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Two trees were planted in the Royal Air Force Wing (one for 35 Squadron, the other for 635 Squadron) and commemorative plaques were installed. A service of dedication was held on 12th September 2002

Memorial Stone (RAF Graveley)

  • Memorial to: Those that served at Graveley Airfield
  • Memorial Location: Cotton Farm, Graveley, Cambridgeshire
  • Installation Date: 29th June 1991

The unveiling, which saw the culmination of four years of fund raising and preparation work by the 35 / 635 Squadron Association, was carried out by its patron, Mrs. Ly Bennett.

A short dedication ceremony by Rev Peter Taylor, honorary Padre to the Association.

Veterans at the unveiling, including Ted Herod and Alan Card



Saturday, 29th June 1991 saw the climax of a project begun some four years ago by Dennis Foreman, Honorary Organiser of the 35/635 Squadron Reunion Association — the unveiling and dedication of the Stone to commemorate Graveley Airfield and to honour all those who had served there during the War years.

The granite Stone is faced with dark grey marble on which are engraved the words of commemoration. It is sited at the entrance to the airfield now leading to the present-day farmhouse and the still-standing Control Tower and Radar and Fire Section huts.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and at noon Mrs Ly Bennett, as patron of the 35/635 Reunion Association, removed the RAF Ensign to unveil the Stone which was then dedicated by the Revd Peter Taylor, Honorary Chaplain to the Association. Mrs Bennett said a few welcome words remembering the days when she had visited Graveley with her husband, our “Boss” and recalling the youth of everyone at the time.

The project had not been without its problems which had been surmounted by Dennis, assisted by Arthur Sykes who lives in Offord and who, apart from organising the setting-down of the Stone, had to cope with the District Council in obtaining planning permission with some help from Taff Jones who had a similar task at Warboys.

An appeal for funds had been made and subsequently managed by Bill Stevenson, the entire sum being met by donations from the Association membership, including a generous amount from twenty-six members in Australia and New Zealand.

The Association’s thanks were also due to the owner of the land, Mr Eayres, to the manager of Cotton Farm, Mr Bailey, and to the stonemason, Mr Corbett for advice and help in the design of the Stone.

From the airfield the large gathering moved to the village of Offord where the Chaplain conducted a brief Service during which a leather-bound Roll of Honour was handed over to him for safe keeping on behalf of those who lost their lives both in the air and on the ground while serving at RAF Graveley.

This beautiful Roll, inscribed on parchment, had been produced by Brian Walker and Wilf Bagulay of Nottingham with the assistance of friends who had helped with the binding and production to make a truly effective token of respect.

Long Term Care and Maintenance

In November 2019, the local Parish Council agreed to take over responsibility for the long term care and maintenance of the memorial from the Rev. Peter Taylor, who has been its guardian for many years.

No. 35 Squadron (Offord Cluny)

  • Memorial to: No. 35 Squadron
  • Memorial Location: All Saints, Offord Cluny, Cambridgeshire
  • Installation Date: 15th November 1998
memorial area.jpg

The Memorial Chapel at All Saints Church, Offord Cluny (which is close to the squadron’s wartime airfield at RAF Graveley) includes:

  • A Memorial Window
  • No. 35 Squadron Standard
  • No. 35 Squadron Roll of Honour
  • A framed history of No. 35 Squadron
  • Framed portraits of JH Marks and DFEC Dean
  • A picture [with inscription] of the Air Force Memorial Runnymede
  • A signed print from the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society

The church is usually locked but access can be arranged via the nearest keyholder, John Simpkin (Churchwarden)
He can be contacted via the following e-mail address: warden.offord@yahoo.com

The Memorial Window

In 1997, the 35 / 635 Association embarked on its most ambitious project which was the installation of a commemorative stained glass window at All Saints Church, Offord Cluny (close to the wartime airfield at RAF Graveley).

After lengthy discussions on an acceptable design, the window was finally commissioned, with the £5500 cost being met from donations made by Association members and other families associated with the two squadrons.

The artist, Gordon Monaghan, completed the work and the window was installed and unveiled at a dedication service on 15th November 1998.

The central window depicts the RAF eagle along with the badge of No. 35 Squadron. It includes a dove of peace above a Handley Page Halifax and an inscription which reads:

“Remember before God all those airmen and airwomen who served with 35 Squadron RAF Graveley 1939 – 1945”

The windows on either side of the central window depict the local parishes of Offord Darcy and Offord Cluny.

Finally, the flames that run across the bottom of the window represent the flames of the FIDO system, which was utilised at RAF Graveley to enable take off and landing in foggy conditions.

The three windows are also inscribed with extracts from Psalm 78 (and in the daytime also he led them with a cloud, and all the night with the light of fire) and Psalm 139 (if I take the wings of the morning and remain in the uttermost part of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me)

No. 35 Squadron Standard

Standard (Rotated for website).jpg

In 1999, the 35 / 635 Squadron Association (which disbanded in 2003) obtained permission for the standard to be removed from RAF Cranwell so that it could be held “in perpetuity” at All Saints Church, Offord Cluny.

A formal laying up ceremony was held on 26th June 1999 and the standard has hung proudly at the church ever since.

No. 35 Squadron Roll of Honour

During the 1990s, the 35 / 635 Squadron Association produced a leather bound Roll of Honour containing the names of all those that lost their lives with No. 35 Squadron between 1939 and 1945.

The book is on display in a specially built wooden cabinet in All Saints, Offord Cluny

A picture [with inscription] of the Air Force Memorial Runnymede

The 1989 35/635 Association magazine Glimlamp contains the following information regarding the picture:

Group Captain ‘Dixie Dean’ kindly presented to the Reverend Peter Taylor a memorial picture of the Runneymede Memorial, to be hung in All Saints, Offord in memory of those who lost their lives on Active Service.

The inscription reads:

Multiple (Commemorative Features [Canada])

McCubbin Lake

Whilst researching airmen that lost their lives in his local area in Germany, Marcel Lesaar discovered that Canadian natural features (such as lakes, islands, peninsulas and bays) have been named after World War II casualties.

Having completed the relevant application forms he applied for a feature in Ontario to be named after FC McCubbin, who served and lost his life with the squadron in 1943 [Halifax HR876]

In December 2017, the Ontario Geographic Names Board advised him that a lake has now been named McCubbin Lake.

Other Features

Subsequent research by Marcel has established that features have also been named after the following squadron personnel:


  • Miller Lake, Northwest of Wathaman Lake 57°11’N 104°15’W (named after Joseph MacTavish Miller [Lancaster NE175])
  • Steinhauer Lake, North of Black Lake 59°20’N 105° 21’W (named after George Henry Steinhauer [Halifax W1015] )
  • Ferguson Point, on the north shore of Lac la Ronge 55°16’N 104°49’W (named after John Hugh Ferguson [Lancaster ND643])
  • Harrison Bay, Charlebois Lake 59°28’01”N 104°43’02”W (named after John Wilfred Harrison [Halifax HR985])


  • Andrews Island, Walker Lake 54°44’29”N 96°56’15”W  (named after James Wesley Andrews [Halifax BB361])
  • Berry Peninsula, Mishepowistik Lake 54°05’23”N 96°58’13”W (named after Wallace Llewellyn Berry [Halifax L9500)
  • Clarence Evans Bay, Halfway Lake 55°02’08”N 98°26’11”W (named after Clarence Ernest Evans [Halifax W1147)

British Columbia

  • Mount Martyn, Alouette Lake 49°24’18”N, 122°24’06”W (named after John Reid Martyn [Halifax W7873])