Halifax L9569 (09/12/1941 [Non Op])

Halifax L9569 was being flown by RA Norman and crew (Night Exercise) on 9th December 1941.

The AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) shows “Tail wheel collapsed on landing causing swing; suspected severe tail wheel …………. . Isolated case in this squadron although experienced in 765 Squadron and Conversion Flight; failure to be watched in future.


AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was sent for repair; it was returned to the squadron on 31 January 1942

AM Form 1180

Halifax W7875 (09/12/1942 [Non Op])

Halifax W7875 (or possibly W7874) was on a training exercise on 09/12/1942.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • PN McEvoy
  • Others?

The AM Form 1180 shows:

  • Aircraft heavy tail landing, pilot pulled up nose to avoid lorry which drove across his line of approach.
  • Investigation Officer: A bad landing on part of the pilot who failed to obtain permission to land by R/T. It appears he was put off by a lorry which should have waited for him and not driven on.
  • Officer Commanding added: Due to shortage of timber no notices warning lorry drivers to look out for aircraft were posted.


  1. It is unclear whether this AM Form 1180 relates to an incident involving W7874 on 10/12/1942 or an incident involving W7875 on 11/12/1942. AM Form 78 shows that W7875 was ROS on 11/12/1943 and returned to the squadron on 21/12/1942. AM Form 78 shows that W7874 was classified as FA/AC on 10/12/1942 and returned to the squadron on 23/12/1942; further research required