1929 to 1940 (Ground Personnel)

Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Other Ranks operated throughout the domestic, technical and airfield sites, providing essential ground services in support of air operations.

It is understood that during the 1930’s, squadrons stationed at a particular airfield were largely autonomous and, as such, all Ground Personnel were primarily on strength of the squadron, rather than on strength of the station. This situation started to change when Station Headquarters were introduced in the late 30’s.

Technical / Engineering Trades

Maintenance and Servicing of aircraft and equipment was carried out by Technical / Engineering personnel, with work split between:

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations 
  • Ongoing maintenance work (incl. rectification of more complex faults)
  • Scheduled maintenance work (#)

(#) Major scheduled maintenance work may have been carried out by specialist Maintenance Units

Other Ground Trades

Other ground personnel carried out squadron related technical and administrative duties such as Logistics, Air Operations Support, Intelligence, Administration and Personnel / Medical support.

No. 35 Squadron’s record book contains little or no information regarding Ground Personnel, but some listings can be found (eg on squadron movement orders)