2020/08 Newsletter

Research Work

This month, I have carried out research on the following, all of whom served with the squadron:

  • RS Hogg (1943 [POW])
  • D Harris (1943 to 1944)
  • F Feakins (1944 [KIA])
  • TE Bellamy (1942 to 1945)

If you would like information on a relative who served with the squadron (1916 – 1982), please get in touch and I will do my best to help

Linton-On-Ouse Memorial Room

Prompted by an enquiry regarding the status of the Memorial Room at Linton-On-Ouse, I got in touch with a number of my contacts to find out (a) whether it was open now that lock down restrictions had been eased and (b) whether a decision had been made about its future

My source at Linton advised that the Room is now permanently closed and the exhibits and artefacts are being boxed up in readiness for storage.

My source at Beningbrough Hall (which had a special connection with Linton during WWII), advised that discussions had taken place with the National Trust but no interest had been shown in taking on the collection despite pressure from local history groups. (My feeling is that the National Trust, faced with its current financial situation, would be even less likely to want to take on the collection if it was approached again now)

My source at the Historical Training Facility at Leeming advised that it had not been contacted to see if it would be interested in taking on the collection. However, with the limited space that it had available, it was unlikely that it would have been able to house the collection, although it would have been interested in artefacts etc which had links with both Linton and Leeming.

Rumours are that parts of the collection are being offered to various parties, and I am guessing that once it has been “cherry-picked”, the remainder will stay in storage boxes and will be lost in time.

I hope I am wrong, but sadly, I think that is the reality of the situation.

August “On This Day” Series

For information on personnel and aircraft losses relating to each day, please click on the following link

– Personnel and aircraft losses –

August 1936

In August 1936, the squadron’s detachment to the Sudan (during the Abyssinian Crisis) came to an end and its aircraft were flown back to Port Sudan where they were dismantled and packaged in readiness for return to the UK.

Squadron personnel embarked the HMT Somersetshire which sailed to Southampton on 14th August 1936 [arriving 29th August].


HMT Somersetshire

The packaged aircraft were loaded onto SS Antilochus which sailed for Liverpool on 18th August 1936 [arriving 12th September]. They were placed in storage at RAF Sealand.

August 1939

On 26th August 1939, No. 35 Squadron moved from RAF Cottesmore to RAF Cranfield where it continued in its role as a non-mobilising training unit, tasked with training the output of the Flying Training Schools up to an operational standard. Aircraft utilised included the Fairey Battle and the Avro Anson

August 1942

On 12th August 1942, an Advance Party proceeded by rail from RAF Linton-On-Ouse to RAF Graveley and the squadron was transferred from No. 4 Group, Bomber Command to the newly formed Pathfinder Force (No. 3 Group, Bomber Command) on that day.

On 14th August, a Road Party (with service vehicles) travelled to Graveley followed by the Main Party, which proceeded by rail and air on 15th August

The Rear Party, which had been left with two unserviceable aircraft at RAF Linton-on-Ouse, travelled by rail on 17th August, thereby completing the move to RAF Graveley.

RAF Graveley (Technical Area)

The squadron flew its first operational sortie as a Pathfinder squadron on the 18th August 1942

An extract from a 35 Squadron navigation report from the first PFF operation

August 1949

On 12th August 1949, the squadron started to re-equip with the Avro Lincoln, a four-engine heavy bomber which was designed (in accordance with Specification B.14/43) to replace the wartime four-engine bombers. It was used by the squadron for training and operational purposes until February 1950

Lincoln Profile

Avro Lincoln Profile © Malcolm Barrass

August 1966

On Sunday 14th August 1966, orders were received covering the withdrawal of the medium bombers to the United Kingdom. This followed the signing of the Bangkok Agreement by Malaysia and Indonesia, ending the confrontation between these two countries.

The aircraft returned from Darwin to Tengah on 17th.

Flt. Lt JM Morgan and crew and Flt. Lt B Dorrington and crew departed by Vulcan for Cottesmore on the 23rd. After take-off, they formed up with Flt. Lt PG Franklin and crew and did a flypast over Tengah for the benefit of the news cameramen covering the withdrawal.

Tengah2 [Marham Aviation Heritage Centre FB]

Flt. Lt LDA Russell and crew left RAF Changi by Transport Command Britannia, along with half of the ground crew. Flt. Lt PG Franklin and Flt Lt AM Mitchell left by Vulcan for Cottesmore on the 27th. The remaining ground crew returned to Cottesmore on any available seats on Transport Command scheduled or chartered flights”

Canberra B.2 Model

Jon de Gray posted a photo of a model he had made of Canberra WJ642 (with No. 35 Squadron markings), which stood as gate guardian at RAF Upwood.

He added “I was at Upwood school from 1966- 1972 and a lot of my friends lived on the Camp so I would see the Canberra quite often. I’ve always been interested in aircraft and used to go to a lot of air displays with my Dad who was in the RAF during the war”.

(It is worth adding that the guard guardian was actually WH723, which was given the identity of WJ642)

No. 35 Squadron in Sudan

JWH Brown contacted me to say that his father served with No. 35 Squadron in the Sudan 1935/36 and had taken many photos in and around the camp.

I have started to add some of the photographs to the site as they provide an interesting insight into conditions etc at the time

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This month, I was contacted by the following people:

  • Geraldine Wood: My dad Richard Wood piloted Vulcans on 35 Squadron

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