2020/06 Newsletter

Research Work

I am still receiving a steady flow of enquiries from across the globe. This month, I have carried out research on the following, who served with the squadron:

  • RG Humphreys (1942 [POW])
  • DC John (1945)
  • SJH Andrew (1944 / 1945)
  • AJ Dick (1943 to 1945)
  • S Nuttall (1943 to 1945)
  • JRA Careless (1941)
  • H Breeze (1944 / 1945)
  • GD MacGregor (1945)
  • R Mather (1943 [POW])
  • JL Lee (1943 [KIA])

If you would like information on a relative who served with the squadron (1916 – 1982), please get in touch and I will do my best to help

Avro Lancaster Model

I was sent this photograph of a model of a 35 Squadron Avro Lancaster that was built by Barry Martin, who explained:

“My Father, Fl.Lt. C.W. Martin, always known as “Pincher” served in the RAF from 1922 to 1956, including a posting to 35 Squadron, first at Graveley, from where he joined the 1946 Goodwill Tour of the USA as Engineer Officer, and then to Stradishall, where I lived with him and Mother, in a Married Quarter, close to the German POW camp. Pincher was a practical man, and he nurtured my interest in aviation, engineering and modelling which has given me joy, and a career, for life. After Stradishall, a 1947 posting to Wahn in Germany, gave me the fun of launching a KielKraft glider from the top window of Schloss Berlinghoven, where we billeted with RAF families, down into the extensive grounds. Living on RAF stations with Father, gave me the chance to watch, and even sit inside Spitfires, Ansons, and the mighty Lancaster, and as a member of the Lincolnshire’s Lancaster Association, I admire the power, the style, and the history of the mighty Avro.

The flying model of TW657 I have made, as a tribute to my Father, and his journey to the USA, is relatively small, at 48” wingspan. It is powered by 4 geared electric motors and a Lithium-Polymer battery. Construction followed a published plan, and is in balsa and ply, covered with heat-shrunk polymer tissue, painted with car-spray. Ailerons, flaps, elevator, and wheels, are controlled by 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and receiver, and lightweight servos. The Lancaster is a favourite with aeromodellers, with many larger and more detailed versions flying- and dropping “bouncing bombs”! Aircraft modelling is a very active and absorbing hobby, and if you ever find yourself close to one of the model flying displays held in the UK, join in, – you will see long forgotten aircraft designs still flying, as their designers intended!

[“Pincher” (far right) with R Mathers’ Crew on the Goodwill Tour]

Operation Lancaster (Goodwill Tour USA 1946)

As well as hearing from Barry Martin about his father’s service with No. 35 Squadron, I also heard from Malcolm Ashpool, whose father also flew as Ground Crew in TW657 on the Goodwill Tour.

He very kindly sent me copies of photographs from the tour, some of which I didn’t have in my collection, along with copies of some of the programmes that his father collected during his “downtime” in the USA.

Click here for more details and photographs of the tour

Can you help to preserve Vulcan XL319 and its history?

As recent news headlines have shown, museums are struggling in these uncertain times, so they need all the help they can get to ensure their survival.

As I have previously advised, I am working with the North East Land, Air and Sea Museums to provide them with information regarding 35 Squadron’s use of Vulcan XL319, so that it can be displayed alongside the aircraft, once they have raised enough funds to purchase a shipping container to house it …. so can you help?

The museum also has a crowdfunder page if you would prefer to donate that way
XL319 Crowdfunder

June “On This Day” Series

– Personnel and aircraft losses relating to each day –

Standard Presentation (16th June 1959)

The squadron standard was presented by HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent at a drumhead service of dedication at RAF Upwood on 16th June 1959.

8 Group Path Finder Force Memorial

I was pleased to see the following update on the Path Finder Force Memorial:

“We continue our quest to raise funds to place the Pathfinder Memorial within the grounds of the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in commemoration of the RAF Path Finder Force. The placing of the memorial will take place on 6th July 2020.

After the cost of the Memorial Plinth and some works adding to over £12,500, we need to find a bit more. To this, we have been given the perpetuity figure of £7167.72 by the NMA which will ensure this memorial will be looked after for ever and the final figure by our stonemason of £5998.00. This £13,165.72 is the final monies to be accrued to close the funding for this project. There is cash in the fund however, we are a bit short and I’d like to propose the raising of £ 8,500 to help cover this cost and ensuring we have funds for the general upkeep of the artefacts we have on display as well as paying the annual premium for the required insurance cover we have to pay.”

Funding Link

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