2020/05 Newsletter

Research Work

With the world in lock-down, I am receiving a steady flow of enquiries from across the globe. This month, I have carried out research on the following, who served with the squadron:

  • P Johnston (1941 and 1943 [Killed])
  • D Wrampling (1942 [POW])
  • MH McVey (1944 / 1945 [POW])
  • CDE Seaton (1944 / 1945)
  • HN Bradbrooke (1918 / 1919)
  • C Rowland (Chief Technician, RAF Akrotiri)
  • LB Lawson (1944 / 1945)
  • F Hay (1942 / 1943 [Killed]
  • NF Williams (1943)
  • RG Humphreys (1942 [POW})

If you would like information on a relative who served with the squadron (1916 – 1982), please get in touch and I will do my best to help

Handley Page Halifax

I was sent this photograph of a Halifax that was built from perspex by Ron Gayner (Squadron Photographer). His son (Dick), who sent it in, explained:

“Dad loved aircraft from an early age and WWII gave him the chance to work with and on them. As a lad he used to scratch build models of various types from wood and wire and then paint them up. I remember some of them, but sadly little hands didn’t do them any good! However, being on airfields during the war, a new material became available to him, Perspex. The ray domes didn’t take well to be crash landed! In his ‘down time’ he built a number of models, including this Halifax. I’ve always been impressed by his skill and always will be. Sadly, I still have some of the parts of a Lancaster that never got finished, but as a token, he did make a pair of Perspex mustard spoons for his sweetheart, later his wife, my mother”.

Can you help to preserve Vulcan XL319 and its history?

I am currently working with the North East Land, Air and Sea Museums to provide them with information regarding 35 Squadron’s use of Vulcan XL319, so that it can be displayed alongside the aircraft.

Before this can happen, the museum needs to raise funds to purchase a shipping container to house it …. so can you help?

Mine arrived in the post this week

The museum also has a crowdfunder page if you would prefer to donate that way
XL319 Crowdfunder

May “On This Day” Series

– Personnel and aircraft losses relating to each day –

ON THIS DAY (14/05)

Nearly 40 people were present for the unveiling of a No. 35 Squadron memorial stone in the Ribbon of Remembrance at the International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln on 14th May 2019.

The stone is dedicated to all who served with No. 35 Squadron (1916 – 1982) and to the memory of those that lost their life whilst doing so.

Ken Watson (former OC No. 35 Squadron) lays a wreath at the spire

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Squadron Memories

Lock-down is providing us all with time to root through our boxed-up photographs, documents and ephemera …. so if you are spending some time reminiscing and you come across any 35 Squadron related material which you would be happy to share, please get in touch.

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