UK to Sudan

On 23rd September 1935, the squadron’s aircraft (Fairey Gordon) were flown to RAF Sealand, Flintshire where they were dismantled and packed, ready for shipment.

All ranks were given four days embarkation leave before travelling to Liverpool where they embarked the SS Cameronia (see photograph) which sailed for Port Sudan on 4th October 1935 [arriving 17th October].


Having arrived in the Middle East, personnel travelled by rail to the tented camp at Ed Damer [arriving 18th October].

Ed Damer [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

The aircraft, which had to be reassembled at Port Sudan, were flown to Ed Damer on 26th October 1935.

Operational sorties, which included border patrols, the provision of a mail service and reconnaissance / survey work commenced on 7th November 1935.