2020/02 Newsletter

35 Squadron Research Work

The focus this month has been on researching the squadron’s activities, aircraft and personnel during the 1950s and updating the relevant pages on the website.

In addition, I have carried out research on the following who served with the squadron:

  • WJ Mintjens (1944)
  • GH Parsons (1944 / 1945)

If you would like information on a relative who served with the squadron (1916 – 1982), please get in touch and I will do my best to help

February’s “On this Day” Series

– Personnel and aircraft losses relating to each day –

ON THIS Day (01/02)


On 1st February 1940, the squadron moved from Cranfield / Bassingbourn to Upwood, where it remained until it was disbanded on 8th April 1940.

At the time, it was part of No. 1 Group Pool, which was tasked with:

  • providing the Advanced Air Striking Force [AASF] with a reserve or pool from which replacements could be drawn
  • training the output of the Flying Training Schools up to an operational standard

ON THIS DAY (02/02)

On 2nd February 1967, AM Mitchell and his crew (Jarron, Garrett, Messenger, Barnes) featured in a documentary on the ATV programme “Today”; It is understood that filming was carried out at RAF Cottesmore in May 1966,

The film is possibly stored in an archive somewhere, but I have not had the opportunity to track it down

ON THIS DAY (04/02)

On 4th February 1918, the squadron took delivery of the first of six Bristol F.2 aircraft, providing it with long range reconnaissance capability.

These supplemented the squadron’s Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 aircraft, which were utilised for medium and short distance aerial reconnaissance

ON THIS DAY (04/02)

Lancaster ME334 was one of fourteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Bonn on the night of 4th / 5th February 1945; sadly, it did not return and all the crew were lost. On board, was CA Butler (Flight Engineer), who was my partner’s grandfather.

It was whilst researching him that I caught the “research bug” and my interest in No. 35 Squadron began.

ON THIS DAY (10/02)

On 10th February 1949, the squadron moved from RAF Stradishall to RAF Mildenhall (Suffolk) where it remained until is was disbanded on 23rd February 1950

ON THIS DAY (19/02)

On 19th February 1982, Air Marshal Sir David Craig, VCAS, visited Scampton in order to fly the Squadron’s last full Basic Training Requirement (BTR) sortie.

The crew (in XL446) were:

  •  Flt Lt Le Brun
  • AM Sir David Craig
  • Flt Lt Cockbill
  • Flt Lt Marson
  • Flt Lt Ingram

ON THIS DAY (23/02)

On 23rd February 1950, No. 35 Squadron personnel were transferred to RAF Marham to form the nucleus of the B-29 [Washington] Training Unit (as part of the reorganisation of No. 3 Group).

ON THIS DAY (26/02)

On 26th February 1982, the squadron standard was paraded for the last time before being taken to RAF Cranwell for safe keeping. The event was attended by a number of distinguished guests, including six previous No. 35 Squadron Commanders (Craig, Fitzpatrick, Arnott, Carver, Hepburn and Atkinson) and the seven-man crew of a Halifax that had been shot down in 1941” (SD Greaves’ crew)

Stone Carving

I received this interesting photograph from Thomas Dignum with a note to say that it was carved into a wall in the flight line control hut in the detachment area at RAF Luqa in the 1970’s by an unknown technician.

It is understood that it was dug out of the wall and brought back to Scampton, but its current whereabouts is unknown.

It has probably got lost in time, but I have contacted the Heritage Centre to see if they have any ideas.

The Jews of Bomber Command

An interesting new website is being developed which provides an archive relating to the Jews who died serving in Bomber Command during WW2.

I have contacted the site authors to provide them with details about Alan Fay Birley and Maurice Cohen, both of whom lost their lives whilst serving with No. 35 Squadron. The information provided will be included in their biographies on the site.

The Jews of Bomber Command

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