1961 Personnel

Air Commodore Inspection June 1961
[Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

Squadron Command

Commanding OfficerWing Commander H Neubroch OBE
A Flight CommanderDA Dobbie
B Flight CommanderD Carlson
C Flight CommanderD Wright
Squadron Adjutant
Navigation LeaderHG Sealey
Bombing LeaderBG Southwell
Flight Safety Officer


No. of Commissioned Officers (Air Crew)Varied between 46 and 53
No. of Non Commissioned Air CrewVaried between 5 and 6
No. of Non Commissioned Other Ranks (Ground)Varied between 78 and 92

The following are known to have been on strength of (or attached to) the squadron during 1961:

Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Air Crew

  • Pilot
    • [-] Augusta (RCAF)
    • David Carlson
    • Peter Backhouse Curtin
    • Duncan Alexander Dobbie
    • Colin Graham Goodman
    • Geofrey Norman Gough
    • Edward George Hudson
    • William John Kirby
    • John Frederick Larcombe
    • [-] McCabe (RAAF)
    • Gerald Arthur Muncaster
    • Ronald Arthur Nash
    • Hans Neubroch
    • Michael John Pilkington
    • Michael Denis Porter
    • Christopher Rex Potter
    • Stuart Robertson
    • Ian Henderson Reardon Robins
    • Brian Anthony Sherlock
    • Peter Reuben Walton
    • David Wright
  • Navigator / Observer
    • Paul Alistair Billinge
    • [-] Black (RAAF)
    • John Gordon Brown
    • Harry Edwin Brunt
    • Roy Alfred Burningham
    • Francis Ian Cave
    • Peter George Chapman
    • Allan Clemitson
    • Anthony Brian Culley
    • Clive Davies
    • Michael John Dean
    • Robert John Dodd
    • Ernest Eric Dudley
    • Victor Terence Edmonds
    • Brian William Fletcher
    • Michael Winship Foxwell
    • Leslie Richard Hawkins
    • Francis Joseph Hogan
    • Alan Sidney Hutchison
    • Peter Richard Jones
    • Terence Lewis Jones
    • Bryan John Leggett
    • Alan Francis Lyon
    • Anthony John McCreary
    • Ronald Frank Norman
    • George William Pollard
    • Alan Potter
    • Horace George Sealey
    • Dareic Rupert Somers-Joce
    • Brian George Southwell
    • Maurice John Stancer
    • David George Stannard
    • Derek Howard Stephens
    • John Nigel  Stephenson-Oliver
    • Graham Sterne
    • Robert Ernest Styles
    • Peter Thorpe
    • Lewis John Turnbull
    • Terence William Walters
    • James Welsh
    • Michael Norman Whiteman
    • Walter Ian Charles Wigmore
    • Peter Womphrey

Commissioned Officers (Ground) and Non Commissioned Other Ranks (Ground)

No. 35 Squadron’s record book contains little or no information regarding Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Other Ranks who provided ground support to the squadron’s air operations;. However, a few listings can be found (eg on squadron movement orders).

Personnel on strength of the squadron during the year included:

  • Engineering Personnel (undertaking daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations)
  • Other Personnel (undertaking squadron specific technical and administrative duties)

More details on roles etc can be found on the following page:

– Ground Personnel 1951 – 1961 –

Personnel Losses

  • CR Potter (Pilot) died in a motorcycle accident on 25th April 1961

Photo Gallery

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