Pooles (MRM)

The Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that MRM Pooles was the Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft on the following sorties:

  1. 07/12/1941 Aachen
  2. 11/12/1941 Cologne
  3. 18/12/1941 Brest
  4. 30/12/1941 Brest
  5. 08/03/1942 Essen
  6. 13/03/1942 Cologne
  7. 30/03/1942 Battleship
  8. 08/04/1942 Hamburg
  9. 27/04/1942 Battleship (Failed to Return)

The following shows the composition of his crew on these sorties, along with the number of sorties undertaken by each airman as part of his crew (as recorded in the squadron’s Operations Record Book). Details of all flights (including training flights) will be recorded in their Flying Log Books:

(Pilot)Michael Reginald Mark Pooles9
(2nd Pilot)– Bird5
Donald Philip MacIntyre3
(Observer)Gerard John Peter Henry9
(WOP / AG)Allan Wilstrop4
Donald Edgar Rarity9
John Ryland Jones4
Joseph Pierre Gaston Blanchet1
(Air Gunner)Frank William Gosnell Hill1
G Lowe7
Maurice Cohen [aka Cowan]1
(Flight Engineer)Dennis Sidney Hunt4
Hubert Allan Booth5

Believed to be: Henry, MacIntyre, Lowe, Pooles, Rarity, Hunt, Jones
[Courtesy of Chris Tasker]

Posting Dates

PoolesMichael Reginald MarkIn From:51 Squadron24/10/1941
Out to:War Casualty27/04/1942