Pexton (HC)

HC Pexton

The Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that HC Pexton was the Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft on the following sorties:

  1. 08/04/1943 Duisburg (Incident)
  2. 14/04/1943 Stuttgart
  3. 16/04/1943 Pilsen
  4. 20/04/1943 Stettin
  5. 26/04/1943 Duisburg
  6. 30/04/1943 Essen
  7. 23/05/1943 Dortmund
  8. 25/05/1943 Dusseldorf
  9. 29/05/1943 Wuppertal
  10. 11/06/1943 Dusseldorf
  11. 12/06/1943 Bochum
  12. 16/06/1943 Cologne
  13. 19/06/1943 Le Creusot
  14. 21/06/1943 Krefeld
  15. 24/06/1943 Elberfeld
  16. 24/07/1943 Hamburg
  17. 27/07/1943 Hamburg
  18. 29/07/1943 Hamburg (Failed to Return)

The following shows the composition of his crew on these sorties, along with the number of sorties undertaken by each airman as part of his crew (as recorded in the squadron’s Operations Record Book). It should be noted that some of these sorties may have been aborted and therefore would not have counted for the purposes of their “Operational Tour”. Details of all flights (including training flights) will be recorded in their Flying Log Books:

(Pilot)Harold Cass Pexton18
(Navigator)Francis Fenton18
(Air Bomber)Cyril Duggan Hughes18
(Wireless Operator)Colin John Weldon18
(Air Gunner)Charles Frederick Andrew2
Ivor Corfield4
James Walter Warren12
William David Ronald Walters18
(Flight Engineer) Edmund Ernest Stocker2
Ernest Frederick John Willis15
Ronald McTavish Mather1

Photo Gallery (Main Crew Members)

Fenton, Weldon, Willis
[Courtesy of Colin Ainsworth and Kevin Gummer]

Posting Dates

PextonHarold CassIn From:51 Squadron26/03/1943
Out to:War Casualty29/07/1943