2019/11 Newsletter

Research Work

I have carried out (or I am in the process of carrying out) research on the following airmen who served with the squadron:

  • DI Jeffery (1945)

If you would like information on a relative who served with the squadron (1916 – 1982), please get in touch and I will do my best to help

Thanks go to the following individuals who provided me with information for inclusion on the website this month:

  • Joss Leclercq (POW Liberation Questionnaires)
  • Richard Allenby (Casualty Reports)
  • Stan Grosvenor (Ephemera belonging to Leslie Thorpe)

I have been advised that Jack Bowey (Chief Technician), who served with the squadron during the late 70s, passed away on 18th November 2019. Details regarding his funeral were not available at the time of publication.

November’s “On this day” series

35 Squadron Crew Memorial (Great Paxton)

I have been advised that the Great Paxton History Society has been granted permission to build a memorial to the crew of Lancaster PB366 which crashed in Great Paxton on Christmas Eve 1944

It now needs to raise the necessary funds (£2,500) and has produced the following flyer which shows how you can donate.

Furthermore, if you are a relative of one of the crew members, or know someone who is, please get in touch via the e-mail address in the flyer.

– More details on the loss –

RAF Graveley Memorial

Further to last month’s article on the Memorial Stone at the former RAF Graveley, I am pleased to advise that the local Parish Council has agreed to take on the role of long term “care and maintenance” and to fund the restoration work on the lettering.

Rev. Peter Taylor, who has cared for the memorial for many years, has been in discussion with the stone mason and has arranged for the lettering to be redone “in situ” during the summer of 2020 (Note: the plaque does not need to be removed as previously thought and therefore the estimated costs are now a lot lower).

I would like to thank Peter for his continued commitment to all things “35 Squadron” related and to the Parish Council for securing the future of the memorial.

Squadron Personnel

Thanks to the following for getting in touch this month and providing a summary of their service with the squadron:

  • Roger Turner (1956 – 1958)
    • I flew with S/L John Mason as pilot and John Chaloner as Navigator; I was the bomb aimer. When I arrived on the squadron there were few people around, as they were nearly all involved in the Suez war, in Malta or Cyprus. I remember a USAF pilot and Navigator who were quite upset about being unable to participate and I seem to recall an Australian too. As an experienced bomb aimer (2 years on a Canberra squadron in Germany) I was made temporary Wing Bombing Leader and had to send the monthly bombing reports to Group. (Even though there was no activity!) The other squadrons (61 and 50 I believe) were overseas too
  • Paul Blackley
    • I was a crew chief on 35 Sqn. (1975 to 1981). I had “MY” aircraft for which I held the inventory, it was XL443. If it was due to fly, or had maintenance in progress, I would take care of it, but we would look after whatever aircraft we were needed for. We flew away on rangers on a rota basis with various crews and using whatever aircraft had been allocated for the trip. Once our primary aircraft was airborne, we would look after another aircraft as required. Our principal job was to look after the technical administration and co-ordinate the maintenance required liaising with the various trades. We of course did the external “crew in” checks, see in checks and supervised the aircrew technical debrief on aircraft return.
  • Thomas Dignum
    • I was an air radar tech from 1975 to 80, mainly servicing the NBS systems; did a trip to Goose bay in the jump seat and did terrain following radar support for aircrew training. Detachment to Malta.
  • Mick Smith
    • I was a FLM on 35 Sqn on its return from Cyprus to Scampton until 1977. I remember going on a detachment to Shiraz in Iran. Very interesting place.

Scampton Memorial Window

It is understood that a recent article in a national newspaper, suggesting that plans for the memorial window have been scrapped, has resulted in a fall in donations.

Please be advised that the project is still progressing and anyone wishing to donate should visit: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rafwindow

The site can only be built with help from people like yourself who have an interest in the squadron

If you have any squadron related photographs or documents that could be included in the archive and/or published on the website, or if you have any corrections, comments or information, we would love to hear from you,

E-Mail the Editor