Blackband (NC)

The Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that NC Blackband was the Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft on the following sorties, prior to cessation of hostilities in Europe:

  1. 06/09/1944 Emden
  2. 20/09/1944 Calais
  3. 30/09/1944 Bottrop
  4. 12/10/1944 Wanne-Eickel
  5. 14/10/1944 Duisburg (Daylight}
  6. 15/10/1944 Wilhelmshaven
  7. 21/10/1944 Hanover
  8. 23/10/1944 Essen
  9. 25/10/1944 Essen
  10. 04/11/1944 Bochum
  11. 06/11/1944 Gelsenkirchen
  12. 16/11/1944 Duren
  13. 18/11/1944 Wanne-Eickel (Failed to Return)

The following shows the composition of his crew on these sorties, along with the number of sorties undertaken by each airman as part of his crew (as recorded in the squadron’s Operations Record Book). Details of all flights (including training flights) will be recorded in their Flying Log Books:

(Pilot)Norman Charles Blackband13
(Navigator)William George Heatley13
(Air Bomber)Malcolm Dick Singleton13
(Wireless Operator)Stanley George Watts13
(Air Gunner) Solomon Joseph Harold Andrew1
Albert Edward Smith2
Alexander Stewart Fleming9
Ernest Kerkin1
Kenneth Albert Lawrence Mitchell1
Lawrence White2
Ronald Henry Rudyard Grayson10
(Flight Engineer)George Cross1
George Hossack Redford5
Gordon Lindsley1
Ian Keith McGregor1
John Herbert Monk1
William Reginald Eady1
(Possibly) Hugh Bernard McFadden3