2019/08 Newsletter

Research Work

I have carried out (or I am in the process of carrying out) research on the following airmen who served with the squadron:

  • HA Williams (1941)
  • J Robinson (1945 / 1946)
  • N Brown (1944)
  • AH Thomas (1945)

Cyprus 69-71 Years Group Reunion

Thanks, once again, to Mo Frampton, who sent me photographs taken at the Cyprus 69-71 Years Group’s “50th” reunion at  Dumbleton Hall in June.

One of the highlights was the presentation of a polished aircraft grade aluminium Vulcan to Yvonne Hepburn, (widow of Keith Hepburn [former CO of 35 Squadron]) on her 90th Birthday

A short presentation by Hilary Sinclair 

Thanks to Hilary Sinclair for providing a copy of the presentation she gave at the Cyprus 69-71 Years Group’s reunion

After attending the unveiling of the 35 Squadron Memorial Stone at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln in May, I was moved by the occasion into doing a bit of online research and interestingly found a collection of poems submitted to “Aircrew Remembered” – a collection of aviation and military poetry.

I was surprised to find an entry under the name of Sgt Roy Arthur Yallop, a rear gunner and member of 35 Squadron in 1944. This poem was found in Roy’s notebook on air raid spotters. No title had been given.

The poem was submitted for publication by his brother Barry Yallop in April 2012. It was decided to title the poem “Marauders in the Sky” in order to place it on a page.

Marauders of the Sky by Sgt Roy Yallop, 1944

See them come home sliding and roaring by
The bright beloved, marauders of the sky.
Stern and serene young profiles and strong hands –
That have dealt death and sorrow over lands.
Once fair with peace and wine, young love and song
See them come in to land, their smiles, their eyes.
Pain in this mouth, pale horror on that brow –
That sent unruffled, candid, gay, just now.
They have returned, fierce kinsmen of the wind
Brought back their lives – but left their youth behind.

Roy Frederick Arthur Yallop of Suffolk was killed in a Lancaster crash, which smashed into trees in the village of Great Paxton shortly after take-off from RAF Graveley for a raid on Cologne. He was 24 and is remembered at the Ipswich Old Cemetery.

The entire crew of 6 airmen, aged between 20 and 24, were lost in the crash on 24th December 1944. The Lancaster had taken off in the fog with the aid of FIDO, a system used to disperse low lying fog involving hundreds of thousands of litres of aviation fuel being burnt in pipes along the edges of runways shrouded in fog.

Roy’s family received the telegram about his death on Christmas morning.

Sgt Yallop’s name appears, along with 58,000 other airmen, on the Walls of Remembrance at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.

More information on the loss

Roy Yallop


POSTSCRIPT: A local history group in Great Paxton has just embarked on a project to commission and install a memorial to this crew in their village; I will keep you posted on the progress of this project [Editor] 

Scampton Commemorative Window

Conceptual Drawing

Crowdfunding for the Scampton Commemorative Window was launched on 16th August 2019.

For more details on the project and how you can contribute, please click on the following link: Commemorative Window

  • 04/08/2019: Francis Leadon (1945 – 1947) [OBITUARY]