Squadron Record Book (1917 to 1919)



Daily record of the squadron’s operational activities



35 Squadron records are available in the following file(s) at the UK National Archives:

  • AIR1/1397/204/27/nn (*)
  • AIR1/1398/204/27/nn
  • AIR1/1399/204/27/nn
  • AIR1/1400/204/27/nn
  • AIR1/1401/204/27/nn
  • AIR1/1402/204/27/nn

(*) Also contains a file entitled “Programme of Work” for February 1917 (content not known)

It is worth noting that the records for each day show the afternoon / evening activities for the previous day, followed by the morning activities for that particular day (suggesting that they were completed at lunch time each day)