Tiger Force?


It is interesting to note that RAF Graveley’s June 1945 Record Book stated that “Owing to the increased demand for overseas examinations, the whole of the ground crew personnel over the release group 27 have been medically examined and inoculated and vaccinated ready for overseas posting. A Bomber Command signal has requested that all aircrew personnel on this station should be brought up to date with inoculations and vaccinations (including typhus) at an early date”

Possible Reason for inoculations

“Tiger Force” was being formed at the time and the published squadron history suggests that 35 Squadron was one of the designated squadrons, but no documentary evidence has been found to date which supports this.

Other possible reasons:

1. All personnel were inoculated to protect them from any diseases being carried by service personnel / prisoners of war that they were repatriating.

2. All personnel were inoculated in readiness for a possible posting to a designated Tiger Force squadron

3. All personnel were inoculated as the squadron was being considered for posting to Air Command South East Asia (ACSEA)