1946 Operation Lancaster (Goodwill Tour) Personnel

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The following is a list of personnel that are known to have taken part in Operation Lancaster (Goodwill Tour), along with the aircraft that they flew in

It is worth noting that the original listing is not completely legible and, as such, some names may be misspelled 

Avro York MW234 (Advance Party)

ABS Pearson (Pilot)
JB Rush (Pilot)
DJ Earl (Navigator)
RD Wooland (Signaller)
S Spann (Signaller)
CV Dove (Gunner)
J McKay (Flight Engineer)
RCM Collard (C-I-C)
CV Dove (Ground)
Andrews (Ground)
Colyer (Ground)
Dunnercliffe (Ground)
Goddard (Ground)
Grayston (Ground)
Guinbrill (Ground)
Hall (Ground)
Harrison (Ground)
Ibbotson (Ground)
Inchmore (Ground)
Jarrett (Ground)
Lumsden (Ground)
MacIlwaine (Ground)
McDuff (Ground)
Paul (Ground)
Randall (Ground)
Shepheard (Ground)
Smith (Ground)
Upsher (Ground)
Williams (Ground)
Wooff (Ground)

Avro Lancaster PA385 [TL-S]

FR Leadon (Pilot)
A Brundritt (Navigator)
D Thompson (Navigator)
RD Butterell (Navigator II)
L Rippon (Signaller)
D Collins (Gunner)
R Watson (Gunner)
A Taylor (Flight Engineer)
Bullock (Ground)
Duncan (Ground)
Instone (Ground)
Mason (Ground)
Ogston (Ground)

Avro Lancaster PA411 [TL-P]

TS Harris (Pilot)
S Douglas (Navigator)
JG Stratton (Navigator II)
RH Leonard (Signaller)
BJG Farmer (Gunner)
E Wardle (Gunner)
STG Price (Flight Engineer)
Diaper (Ground)
Earnshaw (Ground)
Johnstone (Ground)
Taverner (Ground)
Wood (Ground)
Wright (Ground)

Avro Lancaster PA414 [TL-Q]

N Stockwell (Pilot)
RH Hardy (Pilot)
A Barnes (Navigator)
H Whittaker (Navigator II)
DW Lambert (Signaller)
JG Tait (Signaller)
PT Freeman (Flight Engineer)
Blake (Ground)
Fallon (Ground)
Mellor (Ground)
Smith (Ground)

Avro Lancaster SW313 [TL-B]

SW Barker (Pilot)
W Haigh (Pilot)
WF Philpot (Navigator)
WR Stewart (Navigator)
GA Wilkes (Navigator II)
JK Woodward (Signaller)
TH Blankharn? (Flight Engineer)
Cragg (Ground)
Mott (Ground)
Owen (Ground)
Pinnell (Ground)
Planter (Ground)

Avro Lancaster SW315 [TL-A]

MJ Beetham (Pilot)
BD Monks (Navigator)
WA Saxby (Navigator II)
JF Scott (Signaller)
RA Versey (Gunner)
SG Cliffe (Gunner)
GS Scutt (Flight Engineer)
GC Holt (Ground)
Bennett (Ground)
Blackburn (Ground)
Hale (Ground)
Hayward (Ground)
Lockerbie (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW657 [TL-C]

RW Mathers (Pilot)
SEL Sturgeon (Navigator)
HM Smith (Navigator II)
JE Wright (Signaller)
CCC Wanbon (Gunner)
J Thompson (Flight Engineer)
CW Martin (Ground)
Ashpool (Ground)
Barnes (Ground)
Cook (Ground)
Thomas (Ground)
York (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW659 [TL-M]

JO Pennington (Pilot)
LE McKenzie (Navigator)
R Jenden (Navigator II)
RW Thompson (Signaller)
C Davies (Gunner)
CA Giles (Gunner)
CJ Colvill (Flight Engineer)
Baxter (Ground)
Butcher (Ground)
Dawson (Ground)
Elliott (Ground)
Mason (Ground)
Watkinson (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW660 [TL-N]

WH Cornelius (Pilot)
R Forsyth (Navigator)
WC Murray (Navigator II)
JW Redmond (Gunner)
PA Oxtoby (Gunner)
RE English (Flight Engineer)
Boyazis (Ground)
Chappelll (Ground)
Dickinson (Ground)
Johnson (Ground)
Manning (Ground)
Thorpe (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW869 [TL-G]

LG Greig (Pilot)
HJ Scull (Navigator)
WA Jenkins (Navigator II)
MG Roberts (Signaller)
RH Luffman (Signaller)
PPP Bentley (Gunner)
RJC Ford (Gunner)
RW Francis (Flight Engineer)
Barrington (Ground)
Bennett (Ground)
Murphy (Ground)
O’Flynn (Ground)
Sharples (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW870 [TL-R]

JE Robinson (Pilot)
A Wilson (Navigator)
HG Bullen (Navigator II)
PH Sparling (Signaller)
F Vaughan (Gunner)
R Watson (Gunner)
NW Angel (Flight Engineer)
Fitchett (Ground)
Harnody (Ground)
Lewis (Ground)
McNicol (Ground)
Sturman (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW872 [TL-D]

KW Clarine (Pilot)
RC Weeden (Navigator)
GD Munroe (Navigator II)
K Simmonds (Signaller)
AT Pearce (Gunner)
WC Phelps (Gunner)
RJS Bruce (Flight Engineer)
Harris (Ground)
Iveson (Ground)
Lee (Ground)
McGarry (Ground)
Orme (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW878 [TL-H]

TD Lamb (Pilot)
L Fawcett (Navigator)
TB Gourlay (Navigator II)
DA Baker (Signaller)
DC Dunkley (Gunner)
JA Hannafin (Gunner)
HR Ward (Flight Engineer)
Bateman (Ground)
Bennett (Ground)
Card (Ground)
Robins (Ground)
Sayers (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW879 [TL-E]

GB Hampson (Pilot)
EE Bowry (Navigator)
PD Saville (Navigator II)
PND Skingley (Signaller)
ASW Orchard (Gunner)
FG Boulter (Gunner)
LJ Carr (Flight Engineer)
Audley (Ground)
Davies (Ground)
Jeffrey (Ground)
Jenkinson (Ground)
Tampling (Ground)
Twining (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW880 [TL-F]

AJL Craig (Pilot)
T Kennedy (Navigator)
GR Hawes (Navigator II)
BWG? Folgate (Gunner)
JG Cooper (Gunner)
LT Walton (Gunner)
JE Davidson (Flight Engineer)
Blake (Ground)
Punt (Ground)
Tomkins (Ground)
Trainer (Ground)
R Walne (Admin)

Avro Lancaster TW882 [TL-O]

JR Dawson (Pilot)
RAW Brooks (Navigator II)
G Tipper (Signaller)
RL Reeve (Signaller)
RB Benton (Gunner)
GE Stevens (Flight Engineer)
Appleyard (Ground)
Dunn (Ground)
O’Sullivan (Ground)
Parkinson (Ground)
Pollitt (Ground)

Avro Lancaster TW892 [TL-L]

F Cheshire (Pilot)
AJ Simpson (Navigator)
KC Juckes (Navigator II)
J Wyer (Signaller)
EA Gardner (Gunner)
F Hulbert (Gunner)
N Bevan (Flight Engineer)
Borg (Ground)
Hanley (Ground)
Juffs (Ground)
Royce (Ground)
Shirley (Ground)
Wilkinson (Ground)