Halifax W7778 (29/05/1943)

The movement card (AIR78) shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/AC on 29th May 1943


AM Form 78

The aircraft was struck off strength of the squadron and sent to Handley Page for repair. It was not returned to the squadron on completion of repairs

AM Form 1180

  • To be obtained from RAF Museum

Extract from “Blue Job – Brown Job” by David Codd DFC

“Over the target area we had felt a considerable bump when our aircraft was hit. The elevator had suffered some damage but not enough to make the aircraft unflyable. We got back to base without too much trouble but when we made our final approach to touch down we had a nasty shock. Unbeknown to us, the port undercarriage and tyre had been damaged. As we hit the runway, the aircraft slewed off to the left and both legs of the undercarriage sheared off as it went into a ground loop, finishing with a belly landing on the grass. Fortunately, none of the crew were injured and the aircraft was sufficiently clear of the runway to allow other returning aircraft to land safely”.