Ground Personnel

Foxtrot Dispersal at Scampton [Courtesy of Gerry Frew]

As well as the aircrew trades of pilot, co-pilot, Nav (Plotter), Nav (Radar) and AEO, squadron personnel also included:

  • Engineering Officers (S.Eng.O and J.Eng.O)
  • Administration Personnel
  • Engineering Personnel (*) including:
    • Crew Chiefs
    • Flight Line Mechanics
    • Engine Technicians
    • Airframe Technicians
    • Electrical Technicians
    • Avionic Technicians
    • Squadron Supplier

(*) Engineering personnel on strength of the squadron were responsible for flight servicing and first line rectification of faults. More complex faults (and scheduled services) were carried out in the airfield hangars by personnel from the station Mechanical Engineering [Aircraft] Squadron (MEAS).  Major scheduled services were carried out by personnel from a Maintenance Unit

Note: When centralised servicing was in place, all Engineering personnel, including those responsible for flight servicing and first line rectification of faults, were on strength of the station.

Centralised servicing was not in place between 1975 and 1982 and, as such, Engineering personnel (operating in two shifts (day and night)) carried out flight servicing and first line rectification of faults whilst the squadron’s aircraft were on Foxtrot dispersal at Scampton (or at other airfields when the squadron was on detachment).


  1. A Crew Chief would be carried in a “sixth seat” to advise on maintenance / servicing whilst an aircraft was on a Ranger

The following are known to have been on strength of the squadron:

Ackerman, – (Chf Tech)
Adams, Mal (Chf Tech)
Ainsley, Les (Engineering)
Allard, – (Chf Tech)
Ambrose, – (Engineering)
Ames, R (Engineering)
Anderson, – (Chf Tech)
Archer, – (Engineering)
Atherton, Steve (Engineering)
Austin, RW (Chf Tech)
Bain, AC (Chf Tech)
Barker, – (Engineering)
Barnes, KF (Chf Tech)
Barnshaw, MJ (Engineering)
Barrow, GG (Chf Tech)
Bavey, J (Engineering)
Beers, – (Engineering)
Bell, – (Chf Tech)
Bennett, Neil (Chf Tech)
Benzie, – (Chf Tech)
Bidwell, – (Chf Tech)
Billam, – (Engineering)
Bishop, – (Chf Tech)
Blackley, – (Chf Tech)
Blaseby, Mark (Engineering)
Boothby, – (Engineering)
Bowey, Jack (Chf Tech)
Braid, – (Chf Tech)
Broughton, John (Engineering)
Brown, – (Chf Tech)
Brown, D (Chf Tech)
Browne, – (Engineering)
Burke, Tony (Engineering)
Cannon, – (Chf Tech)
Carter, GR (Chf Tech)
Cass, – (Chf Tech)
Clarke, RB (Chf Tech)
Cogan, E- (Engineering)
Collins, – (Chf Tech)
Cook, – (Chf Tech)
Copplestone, Al (Chf Tech)
Costick, J (Chf Tech)
Cotterill, – (Engineering)
Craigie, D (Chf Tech)
Cresswell, – (Engineering)
Critchlow, – (Chf Tech)
Crown, – (Engineering)
Davies, Andy (Engineering)
Davis, Tony (Engineering)
Dear, – (Engineering)
Deas, – (Chf Tech)
Devlin, Len (Chf Tech)
Dignum, Tom (Engineering)
Doe, Cliff (Chf Tech)
Douglas, – (Engineering)
Dovaston, SA (Chf Tech)
Doyle, – (Engineering)
Dresman, – (Engineering)
Driver, – (Chf Tech)
Dubienniec, – (Engineering)
Dye, Al (Chf Tech)
Elliott, C (Chf Tech)
Emeney, PJ- (Chf Tech)
England, John (Chf Tech)
Falsked, AC (Chf Tech)
Farnes, R (Chf Tech)
Fearn, – (Engineering)
Felstead, – (Chf Tech)
Fenwick, – (Chf Tech)
Field, – (Engineering)
Forgie, HS (Engineering)
Frew, Gerry (Engineering)
Gibbs, – (Engineering)
Gibson, – (Chf Tech)
Giddings, RC (Chf Tech)
Goodchild, Dave (Chf Tech)
Gott, Mike (Engineering)
Gough, – (Engineering)
Grantham, – (Chf Tech)
Gray, Les (Engineering)
Greatorex, J (Chf Tech)
Griffiths, Paul (Engineering)
Haddon, – (Engineering)
Haigue, R (Chf Tech)
Hales, FD (Chf Tech)
Hames, – (Chf Tech)
Harcourt, P (Chf Tech)
Hardcastle, Trevor (Chf Tech)
Harrington, – (Chf Tech)
Haste, – (Chf Tech)
Hawes, – (Chf Tech)
Healey, – (Chf Tech)
Heap, – (Chf Tech)
Heavy, – (Chf Tech)
Hibbens, AC (Chf Tech)
Hickmore, – (Chf Tech)
Hogan, – (Engineering)
Homewood, JE (Chf Tech)
Honey, – (Chf Tech)
Hopgood, Ian FLM
Hutton, – (Chf Tech)
Johnston, A (Chf Tech)
Johnston, TA (Engineering)
Jones, – (Chf Tech)
Kerry, – (Engineering)
Kidd, W (Chf Tech)
Kitching, D (Engineering)
Lane, “Rocky” (Chf Tech)
Lear , Geoff (Engineering)
Leary, – (Chf Tech)
Leeks, – (Chf Tech)
Leitch, DAC (Chf Tech)
Lemon, M (Chf Tech)
Livingstone, – (Engineering)
Logan, J (Engineering)
Lomas, Pete (Chf Tech)
MacKay, DF (Chf Tech)
Mackie, H (Chf Tech)
Makin, – (Chf Tech)
Marshall, – (Chf Tech)
Mavison, – (Chf Tech)
McCracken, – (Engineering)
McFarqauhar, D (Chf Tech)
McGavin, “Mac” (Chf Tech)
McGovern, – (Chf Tech)
Mees, – (Engineering)
Messingham, J (Chf Tech)
Miles, Max (Chf Tech)
Moran, – (Engineering)
Morgan, CG (Engineering)
Morley, – (Engineering)
Morris, John (Engineering)
Morris, RCS (Engineering)
Morrison, – (Chf Tech)
Murphy, – (Engineering)
Nancarrow, B (Chf Tech)
Neal, T (Chf Tech)
Nelson, Ian (Engineering)
Neville, – (Engineering)
Nichols, – (Engineering)
O’Gorman, Mike (Engineering)
Oliver, C (Chf Tech)
Packer, G (Chf Tech)
Palmer, PJ (Engineering)
Parker, – (Chf Tech)
Parker, RJ (Engineering)
Parkes, – (Chf Tech)
Parkinson, – (Engineering)
Parkinson, B (Chf Tech)
Parks, John (Chf Tech)
Parry, – (Engineering)
Pearsey, W (Chf Tech)
Pearson, – (Chf Tech)
Pearson, JF (Engineering)
Perryman, WW (Chf Tech)
Pettet, LP (Chf Tech)
Pickering, Dave (Engineering)
Pidduck, Richard (Administration)
Pogue, A (Engineering)
Portelli, – (Engineering)
Poulton, AR (Chf Tech)
Price, – (Engineering)
Proud, – (Engineering)
Reagan, F (Chf Tech)
Reed, J (Chf Tech)
Remon, – (Chf Tech)
Rimmer, AG (Chf Tech)
Robinson, – (Engineering)
Roper, – (Chf Tech)
Rose, – (Chf Tech)
Ross, “Paddy” (Engineering)
Rowlands, – (Chf Tech)
Scanlon, – (Engineering)
Schuler, – (Chf Tech)
Scrivener, Peter (Chf Tech)
Seymour, – (Chf Tech)
Shepherd, – (Chf Tech)
Silverthorne, Pete (Engineering)
Smart, P (Chf Tech)
Steele, – (Engineering)
Sutherland, – (Engineering)
Sykes, – (Chf Tech)
Taylor, Mal (Engineering)
Thomas, R (Chf Tech)
Thompson, JH (Chf Tech)
Thompson, LP (Chf Tech)
Thorner, Derek (Chf Tech)
Upton, David (Engineering)
Uzzel, Dave (Engineering)
Valente, – (Engineering)
Vining, – (Engineering)
Wakefield, – (Engineering)
Wales, CJ (Engineering)
Warner, AW (Chf Tech)
Watson, – (Engineering)
Watt, – (Chf Tech)
Westley, – (Engineering)
Wheatley, – (Engineering)
Wheeler, – (Engineering)
Whiley, – (Chf Tech)
White, DP (Chf Tech)
Whittington, – (Chf Tech)
Williamson, – (Engineering)
Winder, – (Chf Tech)
Woodland, – (Engineering)
Wray, A (Chf Tech)
Wroth, H (Chf Tech)
Yare, E (Chf Tech)

Please note that this list is “under construction” and may contain duplicates or errors

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  • Les Ainsley
    • I served on the Squadron from 1979 until we disbanded and took part in the disbandment parade. I was an airframes Fitter/Techie and was on B shift.
  • Mike Gott
    • I was an engine fitter, detached to 35 on F dispersal when it returned from Cyprus
  • Ian Hopgood
    • I was a FLM on 35 from their return to Scampton in ’75 till I left in ’77.
  • Ian Nelson
    • I was a Vulcan Propulsion Technician from 1975 to 1980 on 35 Sqn at RAF Scampton
  • Mike O’Gorman
    • I served on 35 squadron from 1979 to 1981. Excellent times