Leslie (JG)

The Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that JG Leslie was the Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft on the following sorties:

  1. 14/01/1944 Special target
  2. 21/01/1944 Magdeburg
  3. 27/01/1944 Heligoland
  4. 28/01/1944 Berlin
  5. 20/02/1944 Stuttgart (Failed to Return)

The following shows the composition of his crew on these sorties, along with the number of sorties undertaken by each airman as part of his crew (as recorded in the squadron’s Operations Record Book). Details of all flights (including training flights) will be recorded in their Flying Log Books:

(Pilot)James Gray Leslie5
(Navigator)Frederick Iredale Stephens5
(Air Bomber)Lawrence Earl Williams1
Owen Letchworth Roberts4
(Wireless Operator)Jack Whitehouse5
(Air Gunner)Francis Norman Paisley5
JF Storms4
Raymond Cecil Davis1
(Flight Engineer)Dennis Stanley Male5

Posting Dates

LeslieJames GrayIn From:
Out to:POW20/02/1944