1951 Personnel

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Squadron Leader FR Flynn AFC


No. of Officers:Varied between 22 and 24
No. of Airmen (Aircrew)Varied between 40 and 43
No. of Airmen (Ground Crew)Varied between 116 and 125

[*] Other Ranks = (a) Administration Personnel and (b) Engineering Personnel who were responsible for operational ground activities [flight servicing, arming, refuelling, aircraft ins and outs] and first-line rectification of faults

The following are known to have been on strength of the squadron in 1951:

  • Bates (Pilot)
  • EL Brown (-)
  • Cartlidge (Pilot)
  • GW Clamp (Signaller)
  • HT Cook (Signaller)
  • Cotton (Pilot)
  • Cowton (Pilot)
  • Dixon (Nav. / Obs.)
  • Alan Anthony Douglass (Nav. / Obs.)
  • Alban Anthony Duckett (Nav. / Obs.)
  • DG Dunholme? (Gunner)
  • Donald Charles Dunkley (-)
  • James Dwerryhouse (Engineer)
  • Frederick Henry Dyke (Pilot)
  • Fisher (Pilot)
  • Frederick Ronald Flynn (Pilot)
  • Brian Neville Gladwell (Engineer)
  • Henry Thomas Gladwyn (Nav. / Obs.)
  • Gregory (Pilot)
  • Hemming (-)
  • Hole (Pilot)
  • J Irving (Gunner)
  • Robert Francis Jarvis (Signaller)
  • Robert Arthur Kirkland (Nav. / Obs.)
  • MacAulay (-)
  • Robert John McFadden (Engineer)
  • Terence Oswell (Engineer)
  • Eric Parker (Nav. / Obs.)
  • Stanley Arthur James Piper (Engineer)
  • Ronald Victor Radford (Signaller)
  • CJ Rawdon (Engineer)
  • Michael Oscar Reed (Nav. / Obs.)
  • HT Robinson (Tech Eng)
  • RC Shuster (Pilot)
  • Thomas (Pilot)
  • David John Thrower (Gunner)
  • Uprichard (-)
  • Leonard Walker (Nav. / Obs.)
  • DJ Whitehead (Pilot)
  • Richard Norman Williams (Pilot)

Note: This list has been compiled from information recorded in the squadron’s Record Book. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it should be recognised that the list may be subject to errors and omissions as the records are incomplete and some of the source documents are of a poor quality .

Furthermore, the source documents, whilst recording many of the postings of officers, contain little, or no, information regarding Others Ranks on strength of the squadron

Personnel Losses

F/L EL Brown DFC was killed in a flying accident whilst flying in a private aircraft piloted by Sir William Stampe