1966 Personnel

No. 35 Squadron FEAF Detachment 1966
[Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]


  • DA Arnott (Commanding Officer)



No. of Officers (Aircrew)Varied between 57 and 63
No. of Airmen (Ground Crew)1

Other Ranks = Administration Personnel only (All Engineering Personnel were on strength of the station Technical Wing [Centralised Servicing])

Tengah (January to August)

No. of Officers (Aircrew)Varied between 22 and 27
No. of Airmen (Ground Crew) [*]Varied between 89 and 100

[*] Other Ranks = (a) Administration Personnel and (b) Engineering Personnel who were responsible for operational ground activities [flight servicing, arming, refuelling, aircraft ins and outs] and first-line rectification of faults

The following are known to have been on strength of the squadron in 1966:

  • Arnott, DA (Captain)
  • Baldwin, NB (Captain)
  • Barnes, C (AEO)
  • Bayliss, JA (Co-Pilot)
  • Bayne, RM (Nav Plotter)
  • Bindon, TR (AEO)
  • Blackburn, GJ (Nav Plotter)
  • Butterworth, WD (Nav Plotter)
  • Chacksfield, CC (Co-Pilot)
  • Chapple, RC (AEO)
  • Clark, PJW (Co-Pilot)
  • Clarke, MCA (Nav Radar)
  • Coulson, P (Co-Pilot)
  • Delmege, GH (Co-Pilot)
  • Dorrington, B (Captain)
  • Downs, RD (Captain)
  • Fennell, JR (Nav Plotter)
  • Franklin, PG (Captain)
  • Frith, RA (Co-Pilot)
  • Fulena, PN (Nav Radar)
  • Garrett, GEC (Nav Plotter)
  • Gent, EW (AEO)
  • Gibbs, JH (AEO)
  • Gilvary, RB (Captain)
  • Greenwood, RK (Nav Radar)
  • Grierson, SW (Co-Pilot)
  • Hainsworth, JE (Captain)
  • Hannaford, ER (AEO)
  • Hardinge, NG (AEO)
  • Hutchence, JC (Co-Pilot)
  • Hutchins, MB (Co-Pilot)
  • Jarron, TEL (Captain)
  • John, GA (AEO)
  • Jones, BE (Co-Pilot)
  • Kemmett, RJ (AEO)
  • Kirby, NR (Co-Pilot)
  • Kirk, MA (Co-Pilot)
  • Langdown, P (Co-Pilot)
  • Laurenson, JAW (Nav Plotter)
  • Lee, DW (Captain)
  • Lee, FH (Nav Radar)
  • Lee-Cooper, BE (Nav Radar)
  • Lloyd, JD (Captain)
  • Lynn, T (Nav Radar)
  • Mason, BHD (Nav Plotter)
  • McKinley, MSJ (Co-Pilot)
  • Messenger, CB (Nav Radar)
  • Milne, DJ (Nav Plotter)
  • Mitchell, AM (Captain)
  • Mooney, RT (Nav Radar)
  • Morgan, JM (Captain)
  • Morgan, P (Nav Radar)
  • O’Leary, MJ (AEO)
  • Paterson, J (AEO)
  • Payne, D (AEO)
  • Penn, K (Nav Plotter)
  • Redmond, CFS (Captain)
  • Rhodes, IA (Nav Radar)
  • Russell, LDA (Co-Pilot / Pilot))
  • Scragg, WA (Nav Plotter)
  • Shackleton, JM (AEO)
  • Skinner, HH (Captain)
  • Smith, R (Captain)
  • Spicer, DN (Nav Plotter)
  • Stacey, E (Nav Plotter)
  • Thomas, DJ (Co-Pilot)
  • Thompson, AB (Nav Radar)
  • Tickner, DV (Nav Radar)
  • Todd, EL (Nav Plotter)
  • Ward, MC (Co-Pilot)
  • Watson, FJH (Nav Plotter)
  • Whelan, MJ (AEO)
  • Wilmshurst, AK (Nav Plotter)
  • Winter, E (AEO)
  • Wisbey, LA (Nav Radar)
  • Wright, AJ (Nav Plotter)

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