Multiple (IBCC)

  • Memorial to: Individual airmen
  • Memorial Location: International Bomber Command Centre, Canwick Hill, Lincoln
  • Installation Date: 2018

Walls of Names

The Walls of Names contain the names of all airmen who lost their lives whilst serving with Bomber Command during WWII, including those that served with No. 35 Squadron

Lancaster ME334 loss (4th February 1945)

Ribbon of Remembrance

In addition, the Ribbon of Remembrance, which connects the Chadwick Centre with the Memorial Spire, contains paving stones dedicated to individual airmen or crews who served with Bomber Command.

The following shows the stones dedicated to No. 35 Squadron airmen (as at May 2019)

R Boone

CA Butler

ME334 and Butler.jpg

FW Edmondson

Edmondson [Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

[Courtesy of Ron Eccles]

JA Forde

R White

FJ Williams

FJ Williams.jpg

R Yates