James (R)

The Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that R James was the Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft on the following sorties:

  1. 24/08/1941 Dusseldorf
  2. 28/08/1941 Duisburg
  3. 29/08/1941 Frankfurt
  4. 31/08/1941 Cologne
  5. 02/09/1941 Berlin (Failed to Return)

Extract from SR Arthur’s Flying Log Book (August 1941) [Courtesy of Elaine James]

The following shows the composition of his crew on the sorties where he was Captain of a 35 Squadron aircraft, along with the number of sorties undertaken by each airman as part of his crew (as recorded in the squadron’s Operations Record Book). It should be noted that some of these sorties may have been aborted and therefore would not have counted for the purposes of their “Operational Tour”. Details of all flights (including training flights) will be recorded in their Flying Log Books:

(Pilot)Ross James5
(2nd Pilot)Stewart Richard Arthur5
(Observer)Harold Sidney Oldman5
(WOP / AG)John Kenneth Young5
(Air Gunner)Thomas Edwin Allanson5
(WOP / AG)Rodney Gordon Mullally5
(Flight Engineer)Albert Robert Parke Mills5

SR Arthur


Posting Dates

JamesRossIn From:102 Squadron03/08/1941
Out to:War Casualty02/09/1941