1940 Personnel (Reformed Squadron)

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer
    • Wing Commander RWP Collings AFC


Four experienced pilots, PA Gilchrist, TPA Bradley, MTG Henry, RV Warren, along with their crews, were initially posted to the squadron (stationed at Boscombe Down) in November 1940.

Additional personnel were posted in as the squadron began to work up to establishment strength at Leeming and then Linton-on-Ouse.

The following are known to have been on strength of (or attached to) the squadron in 1940:

Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Air Crew

  • Pilot
    • Lionel William Bovington
    • Terence Patrick Armstrong Bradley
    • Raymond William Pennington Collings
    • George Arthur Litchfield Elliot
    • Eric George Franklin
    • Peter Alexander Gilchrist
    • Stanley Desmond Greaves
    • Michael Thomas Gibson Henry
    • Gerald Arthur Lane
    • Leslie Joseph McDonald
    • Thomas Douglas Inglis Robison
    • Richard Vernon Warren
    • Arthur Sidney Woolnough
  • Observer
    • George Donald Barry
    • William Abbotson Tetley
  • Air Gunner
    • Albert Edward Cooper

List does not include the names of the crew that were posted in with A Gilchrist, TPA Bradley, MTG Henry and RV Warren (as they are not listed in the Record Book), nor the names of any crew that were posted in with the additional pilots that were posted in to the squadron at Linton-On-Ouse

Commissioned Officers (Ground)

  • Engineering Officer
    • Leonard Morgan
  • Gunnery Officer
    • (Possibly) Harry Andrew

Ground Personnel

The squadron’s record book contains little or no information regarding Commissioned Officers or Non Commissioned Other Ranks that were on strength of the squadron during the year who carried out:

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Other Squadron related Technical and Administrative Duties

However, some photographs have been found and these have been included on the following page

– Ground Personnel (WWII) –


Remembering those that lost their life whilst serving with the squadron after it reformed in 1940:

  1. Albert Edward Goulding 23/12/1940