The squadron operated as a medium bomber squadron, with QRA capability, throughout 1965


Aircraft from the squadron at Butterworth during Operation Spherical [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

Stationed at:

  • RAF Cottesmore (Rutland)


  • Medium bomber squadron, equipped for low level strategic bombing


  • Cottesmore Wing, V Force, No. 1 Group, Bomber Command


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander DB Craig
    • 01/06/1965: Handed over to Wing Commander DA Arnott DFC
  • Strength:

Wing Commander DA Arnott DFC


  • Continuation Training, for individual trades and crews (which was carried out on site and/or at specialist schools)
  • Operational Training
  • Ongoing Assessment / Categorisation
  • Air Tests
  • Target Study
  • Provision of QRA Capability (1 aircraft at all times)
  • Rangers
    • Lone (Wildenrath, Gardermoen, Luqa, El Adem)
    • Western
    • Goose
  • Exercises (at Command, Group, Station, Squadron, Flight or Crew level)
    • Alpine
    • Billion
    • Donovan
    • Groupex
    • Kinsman
    • Kingpin
    • Mick
    • Mickey Finn
    • Spherical (Muharraq, Gan, Tengah, Butterworth)
    • Tiger Cub
    • Unison
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • Battle of Britain (Cottesmore)
  • Bombing Competitions
    • No 1 Group Medium Bomber Competition


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from a station pool):

Avro Vulcan B2

Avro Vulcan Profile © Malcolm Barrass

It is worth noting that ground crew and aircraft were in a separate unit, which came under station, rather than squadron, command. As such, the squadron badge did not appear on the tailplane

Aircraft utilised for exercises during the year included: XH555,  XH556,  XM597,  XM598,  XM599,  XM600,  XM602,  XM603,  XM604,  XM605,  XM607,  XM609,  XM610,  XM611,  XM612,  XM636,  XM645,  XM646,  XM647,  XM648,  XM649,  XM650,  XM651,  XM652,  XM653,  XM655,  XM656,  XM657,  XH560,  XH562,  XM562,  XM608,  XM510,  XM636

More details on the Avro Vulcan B2 can be found on the following page:

XM645 at Coningsby (showing the Wing and Squadron Badges on the entrance door)

Aircraft losses and incidents

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows:

  • None Recorded

Photo Gallery

1965 Training Exercise © IWM (RAF-T 5756)

Avro Vulcan B2 XM599 of No 35 Squadron based at RAF Cottesmore releases a full bomb load of twenty-one 1000lb bombs, during an exercise in 1965.
[© IWM RAF-T 5756]