The squadron operated as a light bomber squadron throughout 1959

Stationed at:

  • RAF Upwood (Cambridgeshire)
  • Detached to Luqa, Malta (Spring “Sunspot” 27/01/1959 to 24/02/1959)
  • Detached to St Mawgan (16/03/1959 to 24/03/1959)
  • Detached to Luqa, Malta (Autumn “Sunspot” 19/10/1959 to 24/11/1959)


  • Light bomber squadron, equipped for high altitude strategic bombing (SACEUR assigned unit)


  • Main Force, Bomber Command

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander G Newberry

G Newberry 1959 [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]



Air Crew

  • Ground Training (on station and off station)
    • Lectures / Courses
    • Emergency, Escape, Dinghy and Survival Drills
    • “Trade” related Refresher Courses
  • Flying Training
  • Ongoing Assessments, Checks and Classifications
  • Station Readiness / Dispersal, Cross Country, Bombing, Air Defence and Fighter Affiliation Exercises
    • Kingpin (Regular)
    • Marshmallow (Regular)
    • Cadmin (Regular)
    • Bombex (Regular)
    • Statex (Regular)
    • Argus (Regular)
    • Groupex (Regular)
    • Dawn Breeze (March 1959)
    • Buckboard (April 1959)
    • Topweight (April 1959)
    • Thorn (April 1959)
    • Fair Wind (June 1959)
    • Mandate (July 1959)
    • Sledge (October 1959)
    • Sambar / Longhaul (October 1959)
    • Druggett (December 1959)
  • Lone Rangers
    • Akrotiri
    • Eastleigh, Kenya
    • Gibraltar
    • Gütersloh, Germany
    • Idris, Libya
    • Khormaskar, Aden
    • Thornhill, Rhodesia
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • Presentation of Standard Flypast (June 1959)
    • ITV programme “Swansong” [12 seconds of footage incl. in the programme]
    • Battle of Britain Flypast (September 1959)
  • Bombing Competitions

October Flying Log Book Extract (Courtesy of Richard MacNeil)

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Administrative Duties


Practice for the ITV Programme Swansong August 1959 [Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre].jpg

Practice for the ITV Programme “Swansong” August 1959
[Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

On 16th June 1959, the Squadron Standard was presented by Princess Alexandra of Kent at a drumhead ceremony

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The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):


Profile © Malcolm Barrass

In August 1959, all Canberra were subject to a radiographic examination of their undercarriage, following failures of the grub screw which locked the outer piston to the sliding tube of the oleo leg assembly (defect signal 899/Eng 2/3 dated 28th August 1959). This resulted in the grounding of some of the squadron aircraft until modification had been carried out

The following link provides more details about the aircraft that were on charge of the squadron, along with information on losses and incidents: