The squadron operated as a medium bomber squadron and then as a light bomber squadron during 1954

Stationed at:

  • RAF Marham (Norfolk)


  • Medium bomber and standby Air Sea Rescue squadron
  • 28/04/1954: Light bomber squadron, equipped for high altitude strategic bombing (SACEUR assigned unit)


  • No. 3 Group, Bomber Command
  • 28/04/1954: Main Force, Bomber Command


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Squadron Leader RS Sanders DFC AFC
  • Strength:


Throughout the year, squadron personnel continued conversion training on jet aircraft (at Weston Zoyland) in readiness for the move away from piston engined aircraft and at Bassingbourn / Lindholme for Canberra conversion.

In September, the first four crews (Stirrup, Millett, Rushforth and Crawford) achieved “Combat” status on the Canberra

  • Continuation Training (individual crew members) and Operational Training (crew) including:
    • Ground Training
    • Air Training (such as cross country, bombing, air to sea firing, fighter affiliation and formation flying)
    • Ongoing Assessment / Classification
  • Air Tests
  • Regular station readiness and dispersal exercises
  • Lone Rangers
    • Gibraltar
    • Idris
  • Joint Exercises (at Command, Group, Station, Squadron, Flight or Crew level)
    • Kingpin (Regular)
    • Dividend (July 1954)
    • Battle Royal (September 1954)
  • Standby Air Sea Rescue
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • Battle of Britain Flypast (September 1954)
  • Bombing Competitions

Aircraft (from own establishment of 8 aircraft [Washington] / 10 aircraft [Canberra])

Washington Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The squadron continued ferry flights, returning the Washington aircraft back to the USA (Operation “Home Run”) until the end of March 1954

On 28th April 1954, the squadron started to re-equip with the Canberra B2 (plus the T4 for dual-purpose training) [Establishment: 10 Aircraft]

Canberra Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft utilised for exercises included:

  • To be added

Aircraft losses and incidents 


Airfield Incidents

Airfield incidents at RAF Marham during 1954 were as follows: