1919 (Squadron Disbanded)

The squadron was reduced to “cadre” status in 19th January 1919

It returned to the UK in March 1919; it was disbanded on 26th June 1919

La Bellevue [Source: 49squadron.co.uk]

Stationed at:

  • La Bellevue, France
  • 19/01/1919: Moved to St Marie-Cappel, France
  • 03/03/1919: Moved to Netheravon, Wiltshire (for the purposes of disbandment)


As a Corps Squadron, No. 35 Squadron was tasked with providing medium and short distance aerial reconnaissance for one of the British Army Corps Commands. The role included:

  • Location of Hostile Batteries
  • Observation of Artillery Fire
  • Contact Patrol Work
  • Close Reconnaissance and Photography
  • Offensive action against vulnerable points in the Army reconnaissance area



  • Commanding Officer
    • Major DF Stevenson DS0 MC
  • Strength
    • Pilots [Commissioned], Officers (HQ), Other Ranks (Observers and Ground Personnel)


  • Up to 3rd March 1919
    • Post War monitoring / policing
    • Continuation and Operational training, for individual trades and crews, comprising:
      • Ground Training
      • Air Training
  • After 3rd March 1919
    • Preparing for and initiating Disbandment


Armstrong Whitworth FK8

Armstrong Whitworth FK8 Profile Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft on charge of the squadron included: C8572 C8585 C8592 C8632 D5135 D5141 D5150 D5172 D5197 F4262 F4265 F623 F635 F636 F637 F644 F7357 F7372 F7382 F7384 F7386 F7399 F7406 F7408 F7409 F7411 F7421 F7423 F7426 F7436 F7439 F7459 F7494 F7519 F7537 H4453 H4463 H4464 H4472 H7156

Aircraft losses and incidents