The squadron operated as a Corps Squadron until the cessation of hostilities on 11th November 1918

Stationed at:

  • Estrees-en-Chaussée
  • 22/03/1918: Moved to Chipilly
  • 24/03/1918: Moved to Poulainville
  • 28/03/1918: Moved to Abbeville
  • 05/04/1918: Moved to Poulainville
  • 04/05/1918: Moved to Villers-Bocage (Flesselles)
  • 05/09/1918: Moved to Suzanne
  • 15/09/1918: Moved to Moislains
  • 06/10/1918: Moved to Longavesnes
  • 17/10/1918: Moved to Elincourt
  • 10/11/1918: Moved to Flaumont
  • 11/11/1918: Moved to Grand Fayt
  • 13/11/1918: Moved to Elincourt
  • 29/11/1918: Moved to La Bellevue



As a Corps Squadron, No. 35 Squadron was tasked with providing medium and short distance aerial reconnaissance for one of the British Army Corps Commands. The role included:

  • Location of Hostile Batteries
  • Observation of Artillery Fire
  • Contact Patrol Work
  • Close Reconnaissance and Photography
  • Offensive action against vulnerable points in the Army reconnaissance area


  • 12th Corps Wing, 3rd Brigade, RFC (Attached to the Cavalry Corps [III Army])
  • 09/03/1918: 15th Corps Wing, 5th Brigade, RFC (Attached to the 19th Corps [IV Army])
  • 05/04/1918: 15th Corps Wing, 5th Brigade, RFC (Attached to the 3rd Corps [IV Army])
  • 06/10/1918: 15th Corps Wing, 5th Brigade, RFC (Attached to the 13th Corps [IV Army])
  • 10/11/1918: 5th Brigade, RFC Advanced Force [Bethell’s Force])

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer(s)
    • Major AV Holt DSO
    • 19/04/1918: Major KF Balmain
    • 09/09/1918: Major DF Stevenson DS0 MC



Air Crew

  • Ground Training
  • Flying Training
  • Conversion Training
  • Operational Training
  • Operational duties as a “Corps Squadron”

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations 
  • Other squadron related technical and administrative duties (such as Logistics, Air Operations Support, Intelligence, Administration and Personnel / Medical support)
Harper Log Book Dec 18 #1.jpg

Extract from HG Harper’s Log Book [Source: Harper Family]

Summary of the squadron’s photographic work (3rd August 1918)


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types:

Armstrong Whitworth FK8 (for day to day training and operational use)

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Profile © Malcolm Barrass

(for long range reconnaissance)

Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The following links provide more details about the aircraft that were on charge of the squadron (including details on all known losses and incidents)