1950 (Squadron Disbanded)

On 23rd February 1950, No. 35 Squadron personnel were transferred to RAF Marham to form the nucleus of the B-29 [Washington] Training Unit (as part of the reorganisation of No. 3 Group)

At this point in time the squadron took on “number plate” status

Stationed at:

  • RAF Mildenhall (Suffolk)
  • January 1950: Detached to Shallufa (Egypt)
  • 23/02/1950: Moved to RAF Marham [to form Washington Training Unit]


  • Main Force Bomber Squadron


  • No 3 Group, Bomber Command

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer
    • Squadron Leader BHD Foster DSO DFC


Officers at Mildenhall1 [The Tatler 22-03-1950].JPG

35 Squadron Officers and Aircrew at Mildenhall [The Tatler]

Activities (up to 23/02/1950)

Air Crew

  • Ground Training (on station and off station)
    • Lectures / Courses
    • Emergency, Escape, Dinghy and Survival Drills
    • “Trade” related Refresher Courses
  • Flying Training
    • Cross Country, Practice Bombing (High Level, Live and Blind on H2S), Fighter Affiliation, Air to Ground / Air to Air Firing)
  • Ongoing Assessments, Checks and Classifications
  • Cross Country, Bombing, Air Defence and Fighter Affiliation Exercises
    • Astro cross country and live bombing detail (January)
    • Exercise Lookout, to test defences in the Canal Zone (January)
    • Exercise Pinpoint (Astro Navigation and bombing at Habbaniya Bombing Range) (January)
    • Bullseye, Night Fighter Affiliation and Bombing Exercise (bombing Heligoland) in conjunction with 11 Group, 12 Group and RNAS (February)
  • Standby Air Sea Rescue

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Squadron related Administrative Duties


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):



Profile © Malcolm Barrass


On 23rd February 1950, the Mildenhall Squadrons were re-equipped with the Boeing B-29 [Washington]. The squadron’s Lincoln aircraft were transferred to No 148 Squadron at RAF Upwood

Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The following links provide more details about the aircraft that were on charge of the squadron: