Stationed at:

  • RAF Stradishall (Suffolk)
  • January 1948: Detached to Shallufa
  • June / July 1948: Detached to Shallufa


  • Heavy Bomber Squadron


  • No. 3 Group, Bomber Command

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Squadron Leader RJ Boulding
    • 18/10/1948: Handed over to Squadron Leader BHD Foster DSO DFC



No 35 (and No 115 Squadron) Shallufa January 1948


Air Crew

  • Ground Training (on station and off station)
    • Lectures / Courses
    • Emergency, Escape, Dinghy and Survival Drills
    • “Trade” related Refresher Courses
  • Flying Training
    • Cross County (using Bomber Command Standard of Navigation), H2S Practice, Practice Bombing, BABS / Rebecca Training, Three-engine flying, Circuits and Landings, Air / Sea Firing, Instrument Flying, Fighter Affiliation, Formation Flying
  • Ongoing Assessments, Checks and Classifications
  • Station Readiness / Dispersal, Cross Country, Bombing, Air Defence and Fighter Affiliation Exercises
    • Bullseye to Heligoland (February)
    • Fighter Affiliation (April)
    • Simulation Bombing (on new flashlight target at Bristol) (April)
    • Group Bullseye Exercise (April)
    • Night Fighter Affiliation (May)
    • RCC Exercise (May)
    • Exercise Dawn (May)
    • Exercise Sunray (June / July)
    • Group Fighter Affiliation Exercise (July)
    • Operation Dagger (September)
    • Operation Chester (September)
  • Standby Air Sea Rescue
  • Displays and Flypasts
    • Battle of Britain Flypast (September)

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Squadron related Administrative Duties

Extract from RC Weeden’s Flying Log Book [Courtesy of Scott Weeden]


Madras Presidency Presentation

At a ceremony at RAF Stradishall in March 1948, a writing table set that had been gifted by the Madras Presidency War Committee was presented to the squadron.


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):

Lancaster B.I(FE)


Avro Lancaster B1 (FE) Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The following link provides more details about the aircraft that were on charge of the squadron: