Halifax HR736 (13/05/1943)

Halifax HR736 was one of twenty No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Pilsen / Bochum on the night of 13th / 14th May 1943

Its crew comprised:

  • Not known

No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that “Aircraft HR736 was withdrawn after its was burnt out when its incendiaries were accidentally jettisoned”


AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was classified as Cat E (Burnt) on 13th May 1943. It was struck off charge on 21st May 1943

AM Form 1180

The Am Form 1180 (Accident Card) shows “Aircraft stationary, electricians testing circuits; incendiaries released and aircraft caught fire. There were 2 possibilities (1) jettison bars were at “jettisoned” when Ground / Flight switch was turned to Flight (2) jettison bars at “safe” before bomb load xxx off, but pushed into “jettisoned” position by blow or pressure on Switch Box indicating electrical fault in aircraft. Impossible to be checked as all evidence destroyed”