1939 Personnel

Squadron Command

Commanding Officer:Squadron Leader HF Chester
12/10/1939: Handed over to Wing Commander WMM Hurley


No. of Commissioned Officers (Air Crew)Not Recorded
No. of Non Commissioned Air CrewNot Recorded
No. of Commissioned Officers (Ground)Not Recorded
No. of Non Commissioned Other Ranks (Ground)Not Recorded


The following are known to have been on strength of (or attached to) the squadron in 1939:

Commissioned Officer (Air Crew)

  • Robert Bramston Barker
  • Philip Rex Barr
  • Surry Philip Victor Bird
  • Norman George Birks
  • Leslie Milburne Blome-Jones
  • George Reid Boles
  • Lewis Harold Carey
  • Hurll Fontayne Chester
  • GL Cooper
  • Thomas Daniel Humphrey Davy
  • JC Day
  • William Arthur Reynolds Harris
  • William Michael Mary Hurley
  • Frederick William Spink Keighley
  • Terence Sydney Raymond King
  • Frederick Stanley Laws
  • Stanley Le Rougetel
  • Ronald Alfred Rutherford Lee
  • Ian Alan Mead
  • Thomas Herbert  Myers
  • LH Oakley
  • James Paine
  • William James Pond
  • Walter Harry Powdrell
  • Arthur Prescott
  • Geoffrey Arthur Cyril Rhind
  • [-] Richardson
  • Arthur Charles Roberts
  • Geoffrey Robinson
  • William Taylor Russell
  • Michael Anthony Snowball
  • Ian James Spencer
  • John Ramsey St.John
  • Richard Neville Wardell
  • Albert Edgar Wickham

Non Commissioned Air Crew

  • Bernard Connor
  • [-] Fletcher
  • Dennis Derrick Raymond Hodson
  • [-] Holliday
  • Ewart Wynne Looker
  • John Frederick Tompkins

Commissioned Officer (Ground)

  • James Douglas Bowman
  • Alfred John Goatley
  • JL Sanderson
  • JH Sullivan

Ground Personnel

The squadron’s record book contains little or no information regarding Commissioned Officers or Non Commissioned Other Ranks that were on strength of the squadron during the year who carried out:

  • Daily servicing, ongoing maintenance and scheduled servicing of squadron aircraft and equipment
  • Other squadron related technical and administrative duties (such as Logistics, Air Operations Support, Intelligence, Administration and Personnel / Medical support)

More information can be found on the following page

– Ground Personnel 1929 to 1940 –

Personnel Losses

Remembering those that lost their life whilst serving with the squadron in 1939:

  1. Bernard Connor K9472 29/10/1939
  2. Gerald Louis Cooper K9469 05/05/1939
  3. Ewart Wynne Looker K9472 29/10/1939
  4. Geoffrey Arthur Cyril Rhind K9472 29/10/1939
  5. John Sweeney K9469 05/05/1939
  6. John Frederick Tompkins K9469 05/05/1939

Photo Gallery

March 1939 (Cottesmore) [Courtesy of Jeff Turner]

PR Whittle at Cottesmore (along with others who may have been on strength of the squadron in 1939 [Courtesy of Eric Whittle]

Front row LtoR: Danby, Whittle, Thomas. Back row LtoR: Samways, Potter, Tucker, Marlow

Air Force Lists

January 1939

February 1939

March 1939

Individual squadron details were not included in Air Force Lists published after March 1939