The squadron operated as a medium bomber squadron, with QRA capability, throughout 1967

Stationed at:

  • RAF Cottesmore (Rutland)


  • Medium bomber squadron, equipped for low level strategic bombing


  • Cottesmore Wing, V Force, No. 1 Group, Bomber Command

Note: The Cottesmore Wing was reduced to two squadrons (No. 9 and No. 35 Squadron) on 31st December 1967 when No. 12 Squadron was disbanded.


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander DA Arnott DFC
    • 19/07/1967: Handed over to Wing Commander HS Carver MVO
  • Strength:


  • Continuation Training, for individual trades and crews (which was carried out on site and/or at specialist schools)
  • Operational Training
  • Ongoing Assessment / Categorisation
  • Air Tests
  • Target Study
  • Provision of QRA Capability (1 aircraft at all times)
  • Rangers
    • Western
    • Pacific
  • Exercises (at Command, Group, Station, Squadron, Flight or Crew level)
    • Billion
    • Co-Op
    • Emlyn
    • Giant Voice
    • Kinsman
    • Kingpin
    • Mick
    • Mickey Finn
    • Springtime
    • Sunspot
    • Unison
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • RAF Oakington
    • Upper Heyford
  • Bombing Competitions
    • Station inter-squadron Bombing, Navigation and Communications Competition



The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from a station pool):

Avro Vulcan B2

Avro Vulcan Profile © Malcolm Barrass

It is worth noting that ground crew and aircraft were in a separate unit, which came under station, rather than squadron, command. As such, the squadron badge did not appear on the tailplane

Aircraft utilised for exercises during the year included: XM571, XM597, XM598, XM599, XM600, XM602, XM603, XM604, XM605, XM606, XM607, XM608, XM609, XM610, XM611, XM612, XM645, XM647, XM648, XM649, XM650, XM651, XM652, XM653, XM654, XM655, XM656, XM657

More details on the Avro Vulcan B2 can be found on the following page:

Aircraft Losses and Incidents

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows:


Television Appearance

AM Mitchell and crew featured in a documentary on the ATV programme “Today” on 2nd February 1967 [The film was made at RAF Cottesmore in May 1966]

Bombing Competition

Between the 20th and 23rd February 1967 (inclusive), the Station held an inter-squadron Bombing, Navigation and Communications Competition as part of the work up for the forthcoming Bomber Command Competition. The four crews from 35 Squadron entered in the Bombing Competition were Flt Lt B. Dorrington, Flt Lt R.D. Downs, Flt Lt R.B.Gilvary and Flt Lt N.B. Baldwin. The two crews entered in the Navigation/Communications Competition were Wg Cdr D.A. Arnott and Sqn Ldr H.H. Skinner. The Squadron won the Bombing Competition and were ‘runners-up’ overall.