The squadron operated as a medium bomber and maritime radar reconnaissance squadron throughout 1978

Squadron aircraft at Luqa (1978) [Aircraft Illustrated]

Stationed at:

  • RAF Scampton (Lincolnshire), using Foxtrot Dispersal


  • Medium bomber squadron, equipped for low level strategic bombing
  • Maritime Radar Reconnaissance


  • No. 1 Group, Strike Command


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander R Sweatman



Air Crew

  • Ground Training (on station and off station)
    • Lectures / Courses in subjects such as Intelligence, Weapons and Aircraft Systems
    • Emergency, Escape, Dinghy and Survival Drills
    • “Trade” related Refresher Courses
  • Flying Training
    • As per Basic Training Requirement (BTR) Programme
  • Ongoing Assessments, Checks and Classifications
  • Station readiness and dispersal, Cross Country, Bombing, Air Defence, Joint Maritime Exercise and Fighter Affiliation Exercises
    • Index (Regular)
    • Mineval (Regular)
    • Taceval (Regular)
    • Cavalcade (Regular)
    • Cloudy Chorus (Regular)
    • Brown Falcon (Regular)
    • Priory (Regular)
    • Natinads (Regular)
    • Blue Moon (Regular)
    • Datex (Regular)
    • Joint Maritime Course (Regular)
    • Solar Flare (RAF Luqa) (August 1978)
    • Northern Wedding (September 1978)
    • Active Edge (November 1978)
  • Rangers:
    • Goose
    • Pacific
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • Deelen (Holland) (June 1978)
    • Church Fenton (June 1978)
    • Edwards Air Force Base and Hong Kong (November 1978)
  • Navigation / Bombing Competitions
    • Double Top (May, June and July 1978)
    • Giant Voice (August / September 1978)
    • Red Flag (November / December 1978)
  • Maritime Radar Reconnaissance

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Administrative Duties

Extract from a Flying Log Book (November 1978)


Photo taken on August 8th 1978 at Akrotiri, en route to RAF Luqa for MRR Flight

Lieutenants Purchase, Collier, Lindo, Morgan and Squadron Leader Singleton

[Courtesy of Aviation Heritage Research Centre and Bob Lindo]

1978 Red Flag Crew
Bowey (Chief Tech), Keating, Butterworth, Hewitt, Lidbetter, Breeze, Doe (Chief Tech)

[Courtesy of MAHC]

Sqn Ldr Ed Jarron and crew at their Command Crew presentation (March 1978)

[Courtesy of MAHC]


XM570 Vulcan B.2 at Deelen airbase in the Netherlands on 17th June 1978, during the annual air show

[Photograph with kind permission of Peter Terlouw]


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):


Profile © Malcolm Barrass

XL446 at Scampton 1978 [With kind permission of Russ Smith 30.10.2017]

The following page identifies the serial numbers of the aircraft that were on charge of No. 35 Squadron whilst stationed at Scampton, along with details of known losses and incidents: