The squadron operated as a medium bomber and maritime radar reconnaissance squadron throughout 1977

XL446 at St Mawgan [Copyright John M Boulder With kind permission of Andrew Molland]

Stationed at:

  • RAF Scampton (Lincolnshire), using Foxtrot Dispersal
  • Detached to RAF St Mawgan (11/071977 to 15/07/1977)


  • Medium bomber squadron, equipped for low level strategic bombing
  • Maritime Radar Reconnaissance


  • No. 1 Group, Strike Command

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander AT Atkinson
    • 10/06/1977: Handed over to Wing Commander R Sweatman

Wing Commander AT Atkinson handing over to Wing Commander R Sweatman
[Courtesy of Tony Atkinson]



Air Crew

  • Ground Training (on station and off station)
    • Lectures / Courses in subjects such as Intelligence, Weapons and Aircraft Systems
    • Emergency, Escape, Dinghy and Survival Drills
    • “Trade” related Refresher Courses
  • Flying Training
    • As per Basic Training Requirement (BTR) Programme
  • Ongoing Assessments, Checks and Classifications
  • Station readiness and dispersal, Cross Country, Bombing, Air Defence, Joint Maritime and Fighter Affiliation Exercises
    • Taceval (Regular)
    • Index (Regular)
    • Priory (Regular)
    • Cavalcade (Regular)
    • Cloudy Chorus (Regular)
    • Blue Moon (Regular)
    • Priory (Regular)
    • Datex (Regular)
    • Joint Maritime Course (Regular)
    • Watcon (May 1977)
    • Mandioc (May 1977)
    • Highfield (May 1977)
    • Highwood (July 1977)
    • Ocean Safari (October 1977)
  • Rangers
    • Goose
    • Pacific
  • Displays / Flypasts
    • Coningsby Open Day (June 1977)
    • St Truiden, Belgium (June 1977)
    • St Mawgan (July 1977)
    • Royal Review Finningley (July 1977)
    • Chicago (August 1977)
  • Navigation / Bombing Competitions
    • Double Top (February, March and May 1977)
    • Red Flag (Nellis Air Force Base, USA) (August 1977)

Ground Personnel

  • Daily inspection, servicing and preparation of squadron aircraft, in readiness for air operations
  • Administrative Duties


Royal Review Finningley [Source: airportdata]

During the week 11 – 15 July, 35 Squadron was detached to RAF St Mawgan in support of the Royal College of Defence Studies Visit (13 Jul). and RAF St Mawgan International Air Day (14 Jul). Six crews and six aircraft took part. On both days the squadron launched a four aircraft scramble, one display, flown by Sqn Ldr Jarron and crew and one aircraft was statically displayed.

Presentation of Bristol Siddeley Bombing Trophy, won by Flt Lt Bennett and his Crew


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):


Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The following page identifies the serial numbers of the aircraft that were on charge of No. 35 Squadron whilst stationed at Scampton, along with details of known losses and incidents: