The squadron operated as a heavy bomber squadron throughout 1942

RAF Linton-On-Ouse

Stationed at:

  • RAF Linton-On-Ouse (Yorkshire)
  • 12/08/1942: Moved to RAF Graveley (Huntingdonshire)


  • To prepare and despatch aircraft and crews in accordance with instructions from Bomber Command
  • From 12/08/1942: To prepare and despatch aircraft and crews capable of accurately marking the aiming point at a specified time (to enable main force crews to identify the release point during their bombing runs).


  • No 4 Group, Bomber Command
  • 12/08/1942: Transferred to Pathfinder Force (No. 3 Group), Bomber Command


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander BV Robinson DFC
    • 26/01/1942: Handed over to Wing Commander JNH Whitworth DSO DFC
    • 12/03/1942: Handed over to Wing Commander JH Marks DSO DFC (until his death)
    • 09/1942: Handed over to Wing Commander BV Robinson DSO DFC
  • Strength:


No. 35 Squadron (February 1942) [Courtesy of Linzee Duncan]


  • Training
    • Continuation Training
    • Operational Training (incl. air Exercises, such as Bombing, Fighter Affiliation and Cross Country)
  • Air Tests
  • Operational Sorties


Aircraft known to have been on charge of the squadron included:

  • Halifax HP57 B MKI [Series 1]:
    • L9504 L9511 L9524
  • Halifax HP57 B MKI (Series 2):
    • L9568 L9571 L9575 L9584
  • Halifax HP57 B MKI (Series 3):
    • L9605 L9606 L9607
  • Halifax HP59 B MKII (Series 1):
    • DG227 L9610 R9364 R9367 R9372 R9377 R9381 R9386 R9392 R9422 R9425 R9428 R9438 R9439 R9440 R9441 R9442 R9444 R9445 R9446 R9448 R9449 R9450 R9483 R9488 R9489 R9494 R9496 V9982 V9983 V9993 V9994 W1015 W1019 W1020 W1021 W1046 W1047 W1048 W1049 W1050 W1051 W1053 W1100 W1101 W1102 W1105 W1117 W1141 W1146 W1147 W1154 W1159 W1160 W1165 W1173 W1226 W1231 W1242 W7656 W7657 W7658 W7675 W7676 W7699 W7700 W7701 W7749 W7760 W7761 W7765 W7778 W7779 W7782 W7906
  • Halifax HP59 B MKII (Series 1 Special):
    • DT488 DT489 DT500 DT519 W7804 W7808 W7851 W7866 W7872 W7873 W7874 W7875 W7876 W7877 W7878 W7881 W7885 W7886 W7887 W7923

Aircraft Losses and incidents


No. 35 Halifax Conversion Flight

In February, No. 35 Halifax Conversion Flight was formed, with aircraft and personnel drawn from No. 35 Squadron.

Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar visit

On 21st October 1942, Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar visited Graveley and inspected the squadron

King George VI visit

King George VI, along with the AOC 4 Group (CR Carr), visited Linton-On-Ouse on 25th March 1942.