1940 (Squadron Disbanded)

On 8th April 1940, No. 35 Squadron (as part of No. 1 Group Pool) merged with No. 90 Squadron to form No. 17 Operational Training Unit (OTU) and it ceased to exist as a separate entity

Stationed at:

  • RAF Cranfield / Bassingbourn
  • 01/02/1940:  Moved to RAF Upwood


  • As part of No. 1 Group Pool the squadron was tasked with:
    • providing all ten squadrons in the Advanced Air Striking Force [AASF] with a reserve or pool from which replacements could be drawn
    • training the output of the Flying Training Schools up to an operational standard


  • No. 1 Group Pool, No. 6 (Bomber) Group, Bomber Command

Squadron Command

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Wing Commander WNM Hurley



Air Crew

  • Ground Training and Flying Training given to newly qualified air crew (pilots, observers and air gunners), to bring them up to operational standard. Training included Operational Flying, Instrument Flying, Cloud Flying, Bombing, Night Flying and Air Gunnery

Ground Personnel

  • Daily servicing, ongoing maintenance and scheduled servicing of squadron aircraft and equipment
  • Other squadron related technical and administrative duties (such as Logistics, Air Operations Support, Intelligence, Administration and Personnel / Medical support)


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):


Fairey Battle Profile © Malcolm Barrass


Avro Anson Profile © Malcolm Barrass


Bristol Blenheim Profile © Malcolm Barrass

The following pages identify the serial numbers of the aircraft that were on charge of No. 35 Squadron during 1940 (up to date of disbandment) , along with details of known losses and incidents: