2018/04 Newsletter

Can you helpCasualty Files

The National Archives are in the process of making the P.4 (Cas), Casualty Branch Files available to the public. The files show details of casualties resulting from air operations and aircraft accidents from 1939-1945.

As at 25th April 2018, the following files are available relating to No. 35 Squadron personnel:

  • AIR 81/1976 Sergeant J D Stein: killed; aircraft accident, Upwood, Blenheim P6918, 35 Squadron, 6 April 1940.
  • AIR 81/4807 Aircraftman A E Goulding: killed; enemy action at Manchester, 35 Squadron, 23 December 1940.
  • AIR 81/1901 Sergeant A R Hermels: died of wounds; mid-air collision involving Blenheim L8845, 35 Squadron, and Blenheim L6596, 90 Squadron, 12 March 1940.
  • AIR 81/1627 Pilot Officer A E Wickham, Aircraftman J H Ledson: uninjured; Sergeant S Hammersley: injured; Battle K9473, 35 Squadron; aircraft accident, 5 November 1939.
  • AIR 81/1611 Pilot Officer G A C Rhind, Aircraftman E W Looker, Aircraftman B Connor: killed; Battle K9472, 35 Squadron; aircraft accident, 29 October 1939.
  • AIR 81/4856 Flight Lieutenant M T G Henry, Pilot Officer L J McDonald, Sergeant A C H R Russell, Sergeant W C B Hall, Sergeant F L Plowman, Sergeant W C B Jesse: killed; aircraft accident near Baldersby St James, Halifax L9487, 35 Squadron, 13 January 1941.
  • AIR 81/5409 “Sergeant C W Wilson: injured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over target, Halifax L9493, 35 Squadron, 10 March 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956”

JF Brown

I was contacted by JWH (Jim) Brown, who told me that his father (James Francis Brown) served with No. 35 Squadron during 1935 / 1936 and was posted to the Sudan when the squadron deployed there during the Abyssinian crisis

After leaving the squadron, James trained as a pilot and he was subsequently posted to No. 37 Squadron where he flew Wellingtons.

Sadly, he was killed on 31st May 1940 when Wellington L7791 was shot down 12 miles south of Dunkirk.

JF Brown’s headstone at Eringhem Churchyard, France

April Research Work

Research Projects Image

Work carried out for relatives of airmen that served with No. 35 Squadron included research on:

  • TE Moser (Flight Engineer) who served with the squadron during 1944 / 1945

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Hay_F [Paul Ten Broeke]

A special thanks to Paul ten Broeke who kindly visited the Rheinberg War Cemetery for me and photographed some of the headstones of the No. 35 Squadron personnel who were concentrated (reinterred) there after the war.

Memories of Ronald Gayner (No. 35 Squadron Photographer)

Ronald Gayner [Courtesy of Dick Gayner]

“It was a long time ago, and funny how we remember the things that happened way back, yet we sometimes have a job to remember what happened yesterday – read more –