Model of Halifax W1050

I have been contacted by John Wilson who explained that he was aiming to construct a model of Halifax W1050 which was lost on 6th / 7th May 1942.

He advised me that following his retirement in 2017, he was able to rediscover an old hobby of his “1/48 scale modelling” and he decided to construct a 1/48 scale Handley Page Halifax, which was available in a vacuform kit, manufactured by Sanger.

He explained that these kits consist of various styrene sheets which have been heated and vacuum drawn to create the basic moulded components of the Halifax (fuselage, wings, tailplane etc).

Each component has to be carefully cut from the thin styrene sheet and then assembled correctly using exploded diagrams rather than assembly advice. In addition, many hours are spent carefully combining the flimsy parts with additional procured or manufactured parts to ensure the model is a true representation of the aircraft


John’s progress has been steady and he remains on target to complete the project in readiness to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the loss of the aircraft and its crew.