Officer’s Casualty Forms (1916 – 1920)



Records relating to the service of Royal Air Force Officers with the Expeditionary Force.

Each form (which can be single or multiple page) shows “casualty” information relating to illness, wounding and death and “movement” information relating to units, leave and promotions.

Where relevant, information relating to awards for Gallantry, Courts Martial and Prisoner of War details are also recorded.


RAF Officers


The records are now available online: RAF Officer’s Casualty Forms (External Link)


  1. It is recommended that you search on surname only and then  scroll through to find the correct entry.
  2. The records contain one or more pages for each officer. To access the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages etc of the record, increment the url shown at the top of the first page by 1 to get the second page, and continue this process until you reach the end of the record