Handley Page Halifax

The Handley Page Halifax was a heavy bomber powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines (later Bristol Hercules engines) which was utilised by the squadron for training and operational purposes from November 1940 to April 1944

HP57 Halifax B MKI.JPG

HP57 Halifax B MKI Profile © Malcolm Barrass



When the Halifax was originally introduced, the plan was to have a five man crew, a Pilot, 2nd Pilot, Observer and 2 x Wireless Operator / Air Gunners. However, it was quickly recognised that the Halifax needed a specific airman to deal with the complex fuel, oil, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and the composition of the crew was changed to include a Fitter II (Flight Engineer) – read more – 

Crew Positions

The crew compartment in a Handley Page Halifax consisted of an upper deck to accommodate the Pilot, 2nd Pilot and Fitter II [Flight Engineer] and a lower deck for the Wireless Operator, Observer / Navigator and Air Bomber  – read more –

Halifax Versions utilised by No. 35 Squadron

The Halifax evolved throughout its life and a number of different versions were introduced. The following shows the variants utilised by the squadron:

Aircraft on charge of No. 35 Squadron

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows: