Handley Page Halifax

The Handley Page Halifax was a heavy bomber powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines (later Bristol Hercules engines) which was utilised by the squadron for training and operational purposes from November 1940 to April 1944

[Photograph by Ron Gayner / Courtesy of Dick Gayner]

Halifax variants utilised by No. 35 Squadron

The Halifax evolved throughout its life and the following variants were utilised by No 35 Squadron.

  • Halifax Prototype [on loan]
    • L7244

  • HP57 B.MKI (Series 1) [on charge between December 1940 and June 1942]
    • L9486 L9487 L9488 L9489 L9490 L9491 L9492 L9493 L9494 L9495 L9496 L9497 L9498 L9499 L9500 L9501 L9502 L9503 L9504 L9506 L9507 L9508 L9509 L9510 L9511 L9512 L9513 L9514 L9516 L9517 L9518 L9519 L9521 L9522 L9523 L9524 L9525 L9526 L9527 L9528 L9529 L9530

HP57 B.MKI (Series 1) Profile © Malcolm Barrass

  • HP57 B.MKI (Series 2) [on charge between June 1941 and February 1942]
    • L9560 L9566 L9568 L9569 L9571 L9572 L9575 L9579 L9580 L9582 L9584
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HP57 B.MKI (Series 2) Profile © Malcolm Barrass
(fitted with Beam Guns)

  • HP57 B.MKI (Series 3) [on charge between September 1941 and July 1942]
    • L9600 L9603 L9605 L9606 L9607

HP57 B.MKI (Series 3) Profile © Malcolm Barrass

  • HP59 B.MKII (Series 1 and Series 1 Special) [on charge between October 1941 and March 1944]
    • BB203 BB320 BB359 BB361 BB366 BB368 BB370 BB372
    • DG227
    • DT488 DT489 DT500 DT519 DT801 DT803 DT804 DT805 DT806
    • HR673 HR676 HR678 HR685 HR723 HR736 HR793 HR795 HR798 HR799 HR801 HR802 HR803 HR804 HR811 HR812 HR819 HR833 HR841 HR846 HR847 HR848 HR850 HR851 HR855 HR857 HR861 HR862 HR863 HR865 HR866 HR873 HR876 HR877 HR878 HR879 HR880 HR906 HR907 HR908 HR912 HR913 HR914 HR916 HR926 HR928 HR929
    • HX168
    • JB785 JB786 JB787
    • L9610
    • R9364 R9367 R9370 R9372 R9377 R9381 R9381 R9386 R9392 R9422 R9425 R9428 R9438 R9439 R9440 R9441 R9442 R9444 R9445 R9446 R9448 R9449 R9450 R9483 R9488 R9489 R9494 R9496
    • V9978 V9979 V9982 V9983 V9993 V9994
    • W1015 W1019 W1020 W1021 W1046 W1047 W1048 W1049 W1050 W1051 W1053 W1100 W1101 W1102 W1105 W1117 W1141 W1146 W1147 W1154 W1159 W1160 W1165 W1173 W1226 W1231 W1242 W7656 W7657 W7658 W7675 W7676 W7699 W7700 W7701 W7711 W7749 W7760 W7761 W7765 W7778 W7779 W7782 W7804 W7808 W7821 W7823 W7825 W7851 W7866 W7872 W7873 W7874 W7875 W7876 W7877 W7878 W7881 W7885 W7886 W7887 W7906 W7907 W7923

HP59 B.MKII (Series 1) Profile © Malcolm Barrass

HP59 B.MKII (Series 1 Special) Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Note: No attempt has been made to separate the B.MKII serial numbers into the different variants, as production changes and on-site modifications meant that each aircraft evolved throughout the war. These changes included modifications to the nose cone, the mid-upper turret and the tail fin

  • HP59 B.MKII (Series 1a) [on charge between May 1943 and March 1944]
    • HR777 HR925 HR984 HR985 HR986 HR987 HR988
    • HX147 HX148 HX157 HX160 HX167 HX168 HX169
    • JN954 JN955
    • JP121 JP122 JP123 JP124
    • LW323 LW326 LW343

HP59 B.MKII (Series 1a [including modified tail fin] Profile © Malcolm Barrass

  • HP61 B.MKIII [on charge between October 1943 and April 1944]
    • HX232 HX270 HX286 HX295 HX317 HX321 HX323 HX324 HX325 HX326 HX327 HX328 HX332 HX347 HX357
    • LV782 LV785 LV787 LV793 LV818 LV822 LV825 LV832 LV834 LV857 LV858 LV859 LV860 LV861 LV862 LV863 LV864 LV865 LV866 LV867 LV870 LV878 LV880 LV881 LV882 LV906 LV908 LV909 LV912
    • LW371

HP61 B.MKIII Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft that were on charge of 35 Squadron

The following provides more detail on each aircraft that was on charge of the squadron

Aircraft Losses and Incidents

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows:







When the Halifax was originally introduced, the plan was to have a five man crew, a Pilot, 2nd Pilot, Observer and 2 x Wireless Operator / Air Gunners. However, it was quickly recognised that the Halifax needed a specific airman to deal with the complex fuel, oil, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and the composition of the crew was changed to include a Fitter II (Flight Engineer) – read more – 

Crew Positions

The crew compartment in a Handley Page Halifax consisted of an upper deck to accommodate the Pilot, 2nd Pilot and Fitter II [Flight Engineer] and a lower deck for the Wireless Operator, Observer / Navigator and Air Bomber  – read more –

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