2018/03 – Visit to Carew Cheriton

On 8th March 2018, my partner and I visited the Control Tower, the war graves and the crash site of Fairey Battle K9472 at Carew Cheriton, Pembrokeshire.

At the Control Tower, we met up with John Brock and other volunteers who showed us around the many artefacts that are on display in and around the restored Watch Office.

It was great to see the volunteers enthusiastically enabling pupils from a local school to experience the sights and sounds of a bygone age.

Having spent a few hours at the museum, we drove down to Carew (St. Mary) New Churchyard to visit the fifteen war graves.


  • Row B. Grave 1. KONTNY, Jerzy 18/07/1941
  • Row B. Grave 2. McCAFFRY, Francis Mervyn 23/10/1941
  • Row B. Grave 3. SHAW, Morris Ezra 26/08/1942
  • Row B. Grave 4. DABBS, Howard Earl 07/12/1942
  • Row B. Grave 5. SMITH, Robert Gordon 07/12/1942
  • Row B. Grave 6. JACKSON, Charles Warner 11/04/1943
  • Row C. Grave 1. BARNES, Anthony Leon Victor 23/04/1940
  • Row C. Grave 2. WILSON, Richard Edmund 23/04/1940
  • Row C. Grave 3. WILLIS, Archibald Gordon 31/07/1940
  • Row C. Grave 4. OVERDIJK, Franciscus 25/02/1941
  • Row C. Grave 5. RADEMAKER, Cornelis Jacobus 25/02/1941
  • Row C. Grave 6. MICHELS, Jan 25/02/1941
  • Row C. Grave 7. VAN KOOIJ, Marinus Renardus 25/02/1941
  • Row D. Grave 1. MIDDLETON, Robert John 07/12/1942
  • Row D. Grave 2. JUREWICZ, Zenon 04/07/1944

Whilst none of the airmen were from No 35 Squadron, it was a poignant reminder of how many nations were involved in the conflict, with airmen from the UK, USA, Poland, Holland, Canada and New Zealand all buried there.

The final stage of our trip was to the area around the Tidal Mill at Carew Cheriton, where one of No. 35 Squadron’s aircraft (Fairey Battle K9472) was lost whilst being utilised for air gunnery training in 1939 – more information on the loss – 

We would like to thank Deric Brock for helping organise our visit and to the volunteers for looking after us.

Carew Cheriton Control Tower (External Link)